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Safe and hygienic solution - Viega threaded couplings made of silicon bronze

26 of May '22

Threaded connections are a critical point in any installation, and crucial in terms of safety is the type of material used for fittings. Viega relies on silicon bronze, characterized by excellent mechanical properties. In addition, the factory knurled external thread allows to significantly reduce installation time.

Threaded connections are the oldest technique used in plumbing, and will certainly be used for a very long time to come. Threaded fittings are even called "classic" in the industry. Key to their durability and safe operation is thetype of material they are made of. Manufacturers use various materials, such as steel, cast iron, steel or galvanized iron - galvanized, brass, bronze or stainless steel.

Viega has more than 100 years of experience in metal casting, which has taken the company from brass to bronze to the silicon bronze currently used. This material, coupled with advanced manufacturing technology, makes it possible to obtain fittings with maximum durability and a wide range of applications.

What is the problem?

Many manufacturers still offer threaded fittings made of steel or cast iron. Unfortunately, they are easily corroded and should not be used in domestic water installations, due to the risk of failure and leakage of hazardous substances into the water. It is also a mistake to use galvanized fittings. They were intended to be used, first of all, for the construction of domestic water installations, but the physicochemical composition of water causes very rapid corrosion in many cases. The most dangerous is the use of such products in hot water installations.

Klasyczne złączki gwintowane firmy Viega są wykonane ze znacznie grubszego materiału niż standardowe produkty dostępne na rynku, co gwarantuje większą wytrzymałość.

Viega's classic threaded fittings are made of much thicker material
than standard products available on the market, which guarantees greater durability.


Polish Standard PN-EN 12502-3 says that there is a significant risk of pitting corrosion of fittings at temperatures above 35°C. Electrolytic corrosion of galvanized fittings occurs in mixed installations with components made of materials of different electrical potentials. Threaded fittings made of brass are a slightly better solution, but are subject to dezincification and stress corrosion cracking. dezincification is an irreversible process and will eventually lead to damage to the installation. This is due to the fusion of the zinc contained in the brass alloy with the chlorine in the water and leads to the formation of a spongy structure of the brass.

The result is a significant reduction in the strength properties and tightness of fittings. The dezincification process is fastest in low pH water and accelerates with increasing temperature. Brasses are also subject to stress corrosion corrosion at low temperatures, which causes fittings to crack.

Unique advantages of bronze

For the reasons mentioned above, Viega has moved away from using brass alloys for the production of classic threaded fittings or extensions and relied on silicon bronze. This material does not cause electrolytic or contact corrosion in mixed installations. Moreover, the use of such connectors protects against electrolytic corrosion in existing mixed installations, causing the separation of components with different potentials.

Bronze is a material with very good mechanical properties and is characterized by high strength and stability, regardless of the operating temperature. Fittings made of it are safe in installations of technological heat and cooling, even with changes in parameters. They are not subject to dezincification, so their structure remains constant for many years.

Faster installation and safer connections

Viega's classic threaded fittings and extensions are made of much thicker material than most products available on the market, which guarantees better durability. All fittings have an external thread that is knurled at the factory, so they are prepared to roll up the seal. This significantly reduces installation time and increases the safety of the connection.

Firma Viega stosuje do produkcji złączek gwintowanych brąz krzemowy – materiał, charakteryzujący się wyjątkowo dobrymi właściwościami mechanicznymi.

Viega uses silicon bronze for the production of threaded fittings - a
a material characterized by extremely good mechanical properties.


Viega's bronze threaded fittings meet and even exceed the requirements for corrosion and heavy metal content in drinking water installations, which are particularly important for our health. This is because the materials used in the construction of installations have a significant impact on the quality of drinking water.

Bronze fittings also provide a kind of separator, preventing contact corrosion, which can occur as a result of mixing materials with different electrical potentials. In addition, on the surface of bronze, bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms do not grow as easily, making the installation more hygienic.

For more information, visit the company's VIEGA page on the A&B portal.

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