SARP Szczecin Branch

President of the branch for the 2019-2023 term: Karol Nieradka

"Many SARP members and those outside the Association wonder what SARP can give them. This question is always present in any relationship with others, when we take stock of what we gain in our interactions with each other and what we lose by helping others. Here are a couple of answers to why it is worth belonging to this organization.

First, because as one community we want to be together.
The organization of architects has existed in Poland for more than 130 years. All the architects who count in Poland are members of this organization and we can meet them there. These meetings are important because they take place on a collegial level. One can talk and argue, and this gives a good platform for exchanging ideas, knowing one's work and oneself. There is no other organization in Poland where young, middle and old talk freely with each other about architecture.

Secondly, because we believe that architecture is important.
We all want architecture to be present in the media, exhibitions and literature. The actions of each of us individually, do not produce results. We must all support them in order to be heard. SARP's democratic structure causes us to present different views. SARP boards and presidents are supposed to present them, not formulate them. This causes an apparent contradiction; metropolitan, provincial, women, teachers may have different views on the matter, but they are all about the same thing. About the important position of architecture in Poland. Therefore, controversy and contradictions in our views are meant to strengthen us, not weaken us.

Third, because we support individual ideas and seek the support of others for them.
SARP is undergoing strong evolution and is constantly looking for new areas of its activity. It is open to fresh ideas from younger generations and new people. Anyone who has an idea can submit it and get support from others. If we are designers, we are designing the future, and we must appeal to those who understand that future. This is a unique opportunity for people with initiative to take advantage of the offer of an existing organization that is willing to support them.

Fourth, because we want dialogue with others.
SARP holds many competitions every year. Open, as far as possible, to everyone and not limited to Association members. Wherever possible, we fight to remove territorial restrictions, limitations on credentials or experience. Competitions are a field for the exchange of information, and the post-competition discussion should be as creative as the work itself. If we want to organize contests, let's not limit ourselves to just participating in them, but try to initiate, conduct and resolve them well. Competitions do not arise from nothing, but from the initiative of our colleagues and from the Association's pressure on investors and institutions to organize them. Only widespread acceptance and the need and way of doing things, and the support of all colleagues can lead to the success of such an idea.

Fifth, because SARP is an ennoblement and prestige. To receive this honor, you need the recommendation of distinguished colleagues in the profession. As Prof. Gurawski once said: - "working in SARP is an absolute honor and a sense of bonding and approval of colleagues [...] and all this is to take care of good architecture, space, promote talents, regardless of age, gender, affiliation and to ensure a decent life in the free profession." Membership in SARP is voluntary. Only practicing architecture is associated with the obligation to belong to the Chamber of Architects. But a passion for architecture is much more than practicing a profession.

Here are five reasons why you should be with us."

Maciej Araszkiewicz

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