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The center of Szczecin's Dabie in a new way! Architectural competition recommended by SARP

02 of November '20

The "Prawobrzeże" Social Housing Association has announced a competition recommended by the Szczecin branch of SARP to develop an urban-architectural concept for the revitalization of buildings in the area of Oficerska, Miernicza, Cicha, Lekarska and Aniela Krzywoń streets in Szczecin against the background of the revitalization of the area of the old town of Dąbie.

The Dąbie settlement in Szczecin, a Slavic settlement existing since the 12th century located in a bend of the Płoni River and on the southern shore of Lake Dąbie, became one of the districts of the Greater Szczecin City in 1939. Although about 75-80 percent of the city was destroyed after World War II, remnants of defensive walls, a late Renaissance hunting lodge, a neo-Gothic church dominating the district, or pre-war townhouses listed in the municipal register of monuments can still be found in Dabie.

ideowy transformation modelideowy transformation modelideowy transformation model

ideological model of transformations, appendix to the regulations

© organizers archive

Thepost-war development of the center began only in the 1960s, and although, as we read in the regulations of the competition, from the urban and architectural point of view it was a misguided undertaking, the historical street grid, formed in the Middle Ages, was preserved and supplemented with new buildings. The oldest part of the settlement is marked by Cicha, Koszarowa, Dziennikarska, Ustki and Drukarska streets and running between them, among others: Oficerska, Miernicza, Lekarska and Aniela Krzywoń. After the war, the decision was not made to restore the historic buildings and the human scale of the architecture was not taken into account, which significantly disrupted the legibility of the layout. As a result, the competition organizers write, the center of Dabie can be considered a typical block of flats from the 1960s and 1970s.

Ideas for revitalization of old Dabie

The current plans for the revitalization of old D abie are a chance for the hitherto neglected and forgotten part of Szczecin to become one of the most comfortable and popular in the entire city, while preserving the tradition of the place, which is defined by the clear geometry of the urban layout, the cross-sections of the streets, the play of the proportions of the streets to the height of the buildings, the parameters of the buildings and the fragmentation of their fronts, reminding us of the old urban origin of the buildings, the organizers add.

mapa basic map of the areamapa basic map of the areamapa basic map of the area

basic map of the area, task 1, appendix to the regulations

© organizers archive

The subject of the competition is two scopes of design: ideational and implementation. The concept ual scope includes Area I of the entire old town with the indicated Areas II and III being the basis for future spatial transformations, including the quarters of development between Miernicza, Oficerska, Lekarska, Aniela Krzywoń and Cicha Streets. The scope of implementation includes plots of land in the designated development quarters owned by the Contracting Authority.

mapa basic map of the areamapa basic map of the areamapa basic map of the area

basic map of the area, tasks 2 and 3, appendix to the regulations

© organizers archive

These two complementary and confirming scales of view are to provide the impetus and model for further consistent repair of the old town of Dabie; a district destroyed by the war, improperly rebuilt, although it has great potential due to its history, the competition organizers write.


The works will be judged by the Competition Jury consisting of: Magdalena Staniszkis (chairperson, SARP Warsaw), Marek Orłowski (deputy chairperson, SARP Szczecin), Tomasz Cykalewicz (referent, SARP Szczecin), Jarosław Bondar (City Architect, UM Szczecin), Angelika Szerniewicz (City Planning Office), Michal Dębowski (City Conservator of Monuments), Robert Kowalski-Bertus (Housing Cooperative "KIELNIA"), Jolanta Skoncej (Social Housing Association "Prawobrzeże") and Marek Szymanski (non-voting, SARP Szczecin).


1st prize of PLN 30,000 gross and an invitation to negotiate in a sole-source procurement procedure,
2nd prize of PLN25,000 gross,
3rd prize of PLN18,000 gross,
two honorable mentions in the amount of PLN 8,000 gross.


Announcement of the competition: 30.10.2020,
submission of competition applications until 7.12.2020 at 15:00,
submission of competition works until 31.03.2021 at14:00,
announcement of competition results: 23.04.2021 r.

Detailed information and rules of the competition can be found on the organizer's website.

elaboration: Ola Kloc

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