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Concert shell in Gdynia

12 of February '20

The recently modernized and expanded Gdynia Concert Shell has received the "Czas Gdyni" award, given since 1995, for the most interesting and important investment in the city.

The Gdynia City Council awarded Investownia and architects from the Balans studio the top prize in the competition during a ceremonial session of the City Council on the 94th anniversary of the granting of city rights to Gdynia.

przed i po

before and after

photo: Paweł Mądry

The design of the concert shell, made by the Balans design studio, showed how a new architectural structure should be introduced in a modern way to an existing building in the area of Gdynia's modernist center, an area under strict conservation protection. The extension of the concert shell on Grunwaldzki Square is by far the best architectural realization among all those nominated in this year's edition of "Czas Gdyni". - justified the choice by Joanna Zielińska, chairwoman of the City Council.

przed i po

before and after

photo: Paweł Mądry

For years neglected and falling into disrepair, the concert shell, thanks to the modernization and expansion completed in 2019, has become a place that teems with life not only during the season. The added body of the design by Bartosz Kisiel, Paulina Kisiel and Lukasz Pisarek respectfully refers to the historic part of the building, while at the same time fitting into the existing development of Grunwaldzki Square, where the Film Center and Music Theater are located. The vertical divisions of the facade were inspired by the wooded slope of Kamienna Góra, which the architects referred to by introducing rhythmically arranged vertical panels on the facade of the new part of the building.

rzut parteru rzut piętra

plans of the first floor (left) and first floor (right)

© Łukasz Pisarek, Bartosz Kisiel, Paulina Kisiel

The work carried out made it possible to add an indoor catering function to the concert shell, so the facility can be visited all year round.


Illustrations courtesy of Shell Gdynia

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