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Shutter House. A house design inspired by a camera shutter

31 of January '22
Technical data
Name: Shutter House
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Józefów near Warsaw.
Studio: CORE
Design team: Kamil Cierpioł, Radosław Cierpioł, Szymon Chrzanowski
Area: 214 m²


  • design
  • implementation


A new project by the CORE studio is under construction in Józefów near Warsaw. The single-family house with its characteristic wooden facade with recesses refers to the shutter of a camera ( shutter), hence its name - Shutter House.

 Shutter House, widok od strony drogi

The recess on the front facade resembles a camera shutter


Shutter House is being built on a corner wooded lot in Józefów. The architects located the entrance and the entrance to the site along the longer edge of the plot. The first floor, on the entrance side, has been fitted with the minimum necessary number of window and door openings so that users can maintain privacy. On the ceiling of the first floor was placed a block in the form of a broken cuboid, in which the night part of the house is located.

Shutter House, widok od strony działki

From the side of the plot, the house opens up to the surroundings with large glazings


A characteristic element of the building is its facade - the architects covered the first floor with concrete-textured plaster, and the first floor with wooden larch boards. Window recesses add character to the building's minimalist mass, and the one on the front elevation resembles a camera shutter.

 Shutter House ma minimalistyczną, geometryczną formę

Shutter House has a minimalist, geometric form


Dobrawa Bies: The house you designed has a minimalist form consisting of superimposed blocks. What were the assumptions and design inspirations?

CORE: This was due to the location of the plot and the terrain. The longer part of the house shields it from the street and provides privacy for the living and lounge areas.

Shutter House powstaje na zalesionej działce

The house is sheltered from the road


Dobrawa: Looking at the building, you can see a clear division - a large first floor sheltered from the road, and open with glazing to the plot, and a superimposed block with a night part. Please tell us about the design work and the materials used.

CORE: Yes, on the first floor there is a living area and the developer's office. On the first floor there were bedrooms. This layout was not the investor's original idea, but came out as a result of joint discussions with our team of architects, who wanted to ensure the greatest comfort for the residents. Speaking of materials, we used concrete-textured plaster and wood (larch) on the facade.

Dobrawa: For whom was Shutter House designed? Did the investor have any special requirements?

CORE: Our client is a private investor who did not have many specific requirements. He asked for a house that was simple and comfortable to live in. I think we were able to achieve this result.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed: Dobrawa Bies

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