Solo™ Baffle acoustic panel series

14 of October '20

Free-hanging acoustic panels

Baffles are free-hanging panels used in rooms where wall-to-wall ceiling installation is not possible or when quick acoustic adaptation is needed. They also work well when it is necessary to preserve the original height of the room or when TABS (Thermally Activated Building System) ceilings are used.

The collection includes:

  • Solo Baffle Standard,
  • Solo Baffle Wall,
  • Solo Baffle Wave,
  • Solo Baffle ZigZag.

There are different systems for suspending the panels using Connect™ Baffle Mounting Rail, Connect™ Adjustable Tension Hanger or Connect™ Grid. The easily removable system consists of Ecophon Solo™ Baffle and Connect™ accessories with an approximate weight of 2-4 kg/mb. The core of the board is made of third-generation high-density glass wool. The board surfaces are coated with Akutex™ FT on both sides. The edges are straight and painted.

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