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Work has begun on the development of the Railway Park

04 of August '23
w skrócie
  1. Work has begun on Krakow's Railway Park, which connects Wesoola with Grzegórzki.
  2. The original concept for the development of the area was met with criticism, but a futuristic design for greening the flyovers was eventually adopted.
  3. After consultation meetings and surveys, a design for the park was created, taking into account the needs of local residents.
  4. The railroad park will offer isolating greenery, a playground and a variety of functions, divided into phases of work.

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Work has begun on the realization of the Railway Park along the flyover between Kopernika and Grzegórzecka streets in Krakow - a section of the city connecting Wesoła and Grzegórzki, which has been waiting for intervention for many years. What was the story behind the creation of this space?

park ma łączyć Wesołą i Grzegórzki

The park is to connect Wesoła and Grzegórzki


turbulent beginnings

The development of flyovers and the area around them has been an emerging topic in Krakow for many years. In 2022, the design and construction process was criticized in the pages of A&B by the then president of the Krakow branch of SARP Marek Kaszynski. Work on modernizing the railroad line in this section had been underway since 2016, and in October 2018 the winning entry in the competition for the concept of developing the area was selected. The concept competition was won by the Dutch studio VenhoevenCS, and their futuristic vision included greening the flyovers, introducing pedestrian and bicycle paths elevated above the street level with the addition of commercial premises.

I nagroda w konkursie „Nowe Życie Pomiędzy Estakadami”, proj. VenhoevenCS

First prize in the "New Life Between Flyovers" competition, proj. VenhoevenCS

© VenhoevenCS

After the concept was selected, consultation meetings and surveys were started, which were developed by A2P2 architecture & planning studio. The surveys primarily confirmed residents' needs related to greenery, noise levels, parking or bicycle routes.

However, the key thing is to think of the realized Grzegórzki railway station as one of the most important points and traffic generators on the map of Downtown Krakow," Monika Arczyńska said for our portal.

tematyka parku nawiązuje do kolei

The theme of the park refers to railroads


railroad park under construction

After consultations, the project to be implemented at the site was also presented. The concept was developed by the Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow - the Railway Park, as it is to be called, refers to the surroundings of the flyovers.

teren ma być dzierżawiony przez miasto przez dziesięć lat

The site is to be leased by the city for ten years


We wrote about the project on - the concept calls for the creation of an area of isolated greenery, a playground in the form of a railroad town, a sensory garden or a dog park. The functions of the park are to be diversified - taking into account the needs of the residents of this part of Krakow. The entire investment is divided into three stages of work - the first, which has already begun, is the development of the area from Kopernika Street to Grzegórzecka Street. Subsequent stages are to include sections from Grzegórzecka Street to Miodowa Street and from Dekerta Street to Limanowskiego Street. This formula was also to be linked to changes around Grzegórzeckie Square according to the design of the ZZM team, which Ola Kloc wrote about for A&B in 2020.

pod estakadami znajdziemy psi park

Under the flyovers we will find a dog park


Significantly, the land on which the park is being built remains the property of PKP PLK - the City will lease the area for ten years. As we were informed by the Board of Urban Greenery, both parties anticipate further continuation of the agreement after that time. Completion of the work is planned for 2024, which, as ZZM points out, depends on raising funds for the entire development of the area.

jednym z celów powstającej zieleni ma być stworzenie strefy izolacyjnej

One of the goals of the emerging greenery is to create an isolation zone


more than a connector

The area on Blicha Street, within which the Railway Park is being developed, is now not only an important link between the ever-renewed Wesoła and Grzegórzki, but also an idea to cover up the chaotic process of building the flyover and connect with green tracts of space that have so far effectively deterred pedestrians. However, the final evaluation of the space will depend on both the implementation of the park concept and the coherence of the entire premise.

cały proces tworzenia parku podzielono na etapy

The entire process of creating the park has been divided into stages


developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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