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TBS based on lex developer. After 6 years, construction in Ochota will take off

08 of November '23

The TBS block in Warsaw's Ochota district will cost 100 million zlotys. The JEMS Architekci project, which will stand on an attractive plot of land on Grójecka Street, raises objections from local activists. Implemented on the basis of the developer's lex, the investment does not take into account the comments made by residents and even those of the District Board.

The history of the project for a block of flats at the intersection of Grójecka and Banach streets in Warsaw dates back to 2009, when JEMS Architekci studio won an architectural competition. Their concept was to develop the attractive corner with a building in the form of four blocks connected by a common podium, the tallest of which, located at the intersection, is to be twelve stories high. This part of the building will thus match the buildings in the other corners of the intersection, and thanks to the lowering in the depth of the plot, the project adapts to the context of the surrounding buildings—including the Zieleniak building, also designed by JEMS.

Wizualizacja od strony ul. Grójeckiej

Visualization from the side of Grójecka Street

JEMS Architekci / TBS Warszawa Południe

The main characteristic elements of the project are irregularly spaced windows of varying sizes on the facade, as well as loggias and cuts in the mass, including glazing and passageways in the first floor, where commercial premises will be located. The architects also used this treatment in a year later, a „budget” project for developer J.W. Construction proposing white blocks with an irregular rhythm of windows in a housing development on Górczewska Street in Wola.

Wizualizacja od strony skrzyżowania ulic Grójeckiej i Banacha

Visualization from the intersection of Grójecka and Banacha streets

JEMS Architekci / TBS Warszawa Południe

Warsaw authorities announce that in addition to 205 residential units, more than 2,000 sq m of commercial space and parking spaces are planned there: 78 in the garage and 19 on the property. Greenery islands with benches among shrubs and trees and lawns will also be created. The design includes elements that affect energy intensity and thus reduce operating costs. The buildings will also be equipped with a photovoltaic system. The project is expected to be completed within 24 months. Commissioning is scheduled for 2026, with an investment value in excess of PLN 100 million.

Wizualizacja od strony ul. Banacha

Visualization from the side of Banacha Street

JEMS Architekci / TBS Warszawa Południe

We are accelerating the implementation of the housing program in Warsaw, because it was not easy to build apartments during the pandemic and war. In this term, from 2018 to 2023, we want to deliver almost 12,000 apartments in three segments—more than a thousand new apartments, about a thousand in modernized buildings and 10,000 renovated vacant apartments. We are not stopping because we are aware of the hunger in the housing market in Warsaw," said Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw.

The acceleration announced by the Warsaw mayor is necessary, as the statistics are embarrassing for the capital. Warsaw's TBSs have not built a single residential unit from 2021 to 2022. Not a single public housing unit was handed over in the entire capital last year.

Elewacja od strony ul. Grójeckiej

The elevation from the side of Grójecka Street

JEMS Architekci / TBS Warszawa Południe

However, the project raises objections. The project was halted by the governor's decision due to too few parking spaces, then financial difficulties. In order to sidestep the governor's objection, TBS used the housing speculation mode, which in turn did not please the district authorities. In the end, however, a compromise was announced, increasing the number of parking spaces from 59 to 97.

Rzut kondygnacji mieszkalnej

Floor plan of the residential floor

JEMS Architekci / TBS Warszawa Południe

Activists from the „Ochocianie Sąsiedzi” group also submitted their comments to the project, bitterly admitting that none of their demands were taken into account. They included designing an attractive public space in the city square between the TBS building and Grojecka Street. The association also wanted the first floor of the building and the city square in front of the building to be shaped in a way that would expose the historic course of Opaczewska Street, or the designation of bicycle paths—in accordance with the current local zoning plan.

Wizualizacja z lotu ptaka

Bird's eye view visualization

JEMS Architekci / TBS Warszawa Południe

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