PSK and PSK-Z terrace doors

25 of April '22

PSK and PSK-Z patio doors created for flexibility

Optimum use of space, functional design and space saving. Large glazing area allows better insolation of the interior.

  • The tilt and slide system and special hardware allow the sash to be easily tilted and slid up to a width of 1.6 m with little force,
  • PSK doors available in systems: PIXEL, PROLUX, PRISMATIC, WINERGETIC STANDARD, CONCEPT. PSK-Z doors available in all OKNOPLAST window systems,
  • great freedom of use. In the WINERGETIC STANDARD, KONCEPT, PRISMATIC system, the possibility of installing a double-sided handle with a key insert. Thanks to this solution PSK-Z can perform the function of an additional entrance door,
  • four anti-theft strikers to increase the security standard.

*For construction in scheme A with a reference dimension of 1800 x 2100 mm, depending on the glazing package used.

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