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A window that provides more warmth, unique design and high environmental performance

25 of November '22

Choose in the world of OKNOPLAST products

When creating a house, we choose its elements with the utmost attention and care to every detail. The detail matters and we at OKNOPLAST Sp. z o.o. We know this very well. After all, you can only make a first impression once! Discover a rich palette of window colors, choose the perfect shade for your home and decorate your dream space with us.


PAVA window


PAVA window.
Created for energy

The geometric, energetic profile line hides evolutionary technological solutions. The new PAVA system is a combination of reinforcement systems proven over the years together with STV dry glass bonding technology, which makes us significantly increase the rigidity and stability of the structure. Thanks to the bonding technology, the glass and the profile become one piece, and the glass, which is a very rigid material, takes a large part of the weight of the structure on itself. The central gasket guarantees even greater thermal insulation, and the lowered sash profile by 14 mm means more energetic, natural light in the interior.




created for harmony

Modern window, which in its slim form, high functionality and advanced technologies, provides more heat, unique design and high ecological properties. The 10 mm lowered sash profile allows the use of larger glazing, which makes the space brighter and more comfortable. The proprietary PRISMATIC system is the optimal choice for technically demanding and visually appreciative people.


PIXEL window


PIXEL window.
created for design

Proprietary design, advanced technology and stability. The PIXEL window sets a new direction in design and elegance. Details inspired by noble materials create a subtle, personal world. The perfect combination of elegance, modern aesthetics and innovative technology. Provides up to 22%* more light in a room.

PROLUX window.
created for light

PROLUX combines a noticeably stronger design with a noticeably brighter aesthetic. It is a combination of high performance properties and pioneering energy-saving solutions. The window is equipped with an additional gasket in the sash and a gasketed sill strip. The proprietary design of the PVC profile of the frame and sash, as well as a larger glass area, which provide 22%* more light than standard PVC windows.

created for warmth

The WINERGETIC line of windows protects your home from heat loss. It ensures reduced building heating costs due to low heat loss. WINERGETIC PREMIUM increase the aesthetics of a building's facade thanks to its subtle profile. WINERGETIC PREMIUM PASSIVE thanks to additional thermal reinforcement and three-chamber glazing packages meet the requirements of passive buildings. WINERGETIC STANDARD is characterized by classic design and comfort of use.




KONCEPT window.
created for classic

A window with a simple form. Marvel at its classic form and timeless beauty. Recommended to customers who appreciate the combination of classics and modernity.

HST MOTION S patio doors.
created for lightness

HST MOTION S patio door is a new quality of spaciousness and durability. Spectacularly large glazing allows for effective lighting of interiors, while innovative technological solutions ensure incredible stability of the structure and freedom of movement.

Drzwi tarasowe HST MOTION

HST MOTION patio doors


HST MOTION patio doors.
created for lightness

Visual lightness of construction, excellent interior lighting, the ability to create large and stable glazing. Thanks to advanced technology, HST MOTION terrace doors are characterized by exceptionally good thermal insulation parameters.

Drzwi tarasowe SLIDE

Terrace doors SLIDE


SLIDE patio doors.
created for comfort

Sliding terrace doors that provide easy and intuitive operation thanks to an innovative mechanism. Stability and the ability to create large structures offers a wide range of applications. It also allows maximum use of space inside the room - opening the door does not require opening the leaf.

Drzwi tarasowe HST PREMIUM

HST PREMIUM terrace doors


HST PREMIUM patio doors.
created for space

The perfect combination of modernity, energy efficiency and security. Doors designed to eliminate architectural barriers, in line with the latest trends in space design. Advanced thermal insulation parameters guarantee low loss of thermal energy, and thus reduced costs of heating the building.

The OKNOPLAST portfolio above includes PVC exterior doors, roller shutters and a wide range of accessories and add-ons. Visit and learn more.

For more information, visit the company's OKNOPLAST Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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