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Modular snap seam - retro style at your fingertips!

22 of April '22

Bratex Savoy modular snap seam
From the series "Roofs and roof accessories - Trends 2022".

A product that undoubtedly brings real innovation to the growing trend of standing seam roofing is now a reality. Presenting the world's first modular Bratex Savoy snap seam.

Standing seam vs. snap seam

Ardent supporters of the original rim mating, in a mocking and subjective manner, express their opinions through comments under posts about the ever more visually appealing snap seam designs. Statements left hoping for no comment "it's not a real seam", "why fool yourself", "trash" are not without a strong counter from the manufacturer Bratex Dachy. The answer is short - each technique has its own area of application and characteristics. While the rim seam is dedicated to difficult roofs with non-linear surface shape, for passing and under non-standard materials such as zinc orcopper, the snap seam finds its place in mass application without compromising quality while maintaining an acceptable price for material and labor.

Pokrycie dachowe z modułowego rąbka zatrzaskowego Bratex Savoy © Bratex Dachy

Bratex Savoy modular snap seam roofing

© Bratex Dachy

Modular snap seam - an ergonomic and economical choice

Bratex Dachy has spent four years of work developing a modular snap seam, which will partially cover another area of application for fluted seam. The Savoy seam application concept is based on short sheets of two lengths, i.e. primary and secondary. The sheets have a number of features - cutouts, notches, folds and embossing that make the product a modular product. The sheets are arranged like Lego bricks with precise observance of the required geometry. The product assembles extremely quickly, simply slip the sheet on, peel off the butyl gasket strip, snap and screw in place. The alternating coverage takes the slope into a period of retro style, plus the use of one of ten unique Residential Buildings Design Colors adds an unprecedented form of sheathing.

Modułowy rąbek zatrzaskowy Bratex Savoy Modułowy rąbek zatrzaskowy Bratex Savoy

Bratex Savoy modular snap seam

© Bratex Dachy

Comprehensive seam sheet system in alternating roofing style, with checkerboard effect

The main pillars of the application concept are the imperceptible influence of linear thermal expansion, thanks to the compact size of the sheets, and the undisputed contrasting appearance. The Savoy modular seam takes into account all aspects related to the preservation of the covering geometry, i.e. the compensation of increasing widths that are the result of sheet thickness. The product is equipped with advanced in execution features of sheet jointing at the same time ensuring proper tightness. Assembling assumptions of the product are based on a two-column repetitive arrangement using two modules (sheets): basic (long) and supplementary (half shorter).

Modułowy rąbek zatrzaskowy Bratex Savoy - przekrój i długości © Bratex Dachy  Modułowy rąbek zatrzaskowy Bratex Savoy - dwa kolory

Bratex Savoy modular snap seam - cross-section including module lengths

© Bratex Dachy

Lengths are optimized in the RoofingCAD application, which automatically selects dimensions for a specific roof to avoid unnecessary waste. The product is available in most variants of the Bratex Roofs range in 0.5 mm thickness. The total length of the basic module is 106-406 cm, and the complementary 56-206 cm. Details are available in the manufacturer's sectional catalog.

Technologie pokryć dachowych Bratex Dachy

Good quality roofing together with functional roof accessories, e.g. in the form of modern drains, will ensure an aesthetic appearance and peace of mind for decades of investment

© Bratex Dachy

Bratex Dachy
- at ease with modern technologies

Bratex Dachy has also been working on a new straight-section gutter system for the past two years. The project has just begun, and already in 2022 the company will present a completely new system in a uniform design (without welding and soldering), using exactly the same manufacturing technique as the round system. The product will feature several interesting solutions, of course, from the styling and assembly zones.

The company has several hundred distributors.

For more information, visit the company's Bratex Dachy Mrzygłód Spółka Komandytowa page on the PdA portal.

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