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Rustic roof in the Mediterranean style - classic and modern

22 of April '22

Tuscany Tognana ceramic rustic tile
From the series "Roofs and roof accessories - Trends 2022".

Rustic tiles
- characteristic of houses from southern Europe, are increasingly common in Polish construction. They give a unique character to any building, and fit modern as well as traditional architecture. These tiles, due to their durability, solidity of workmanship and availability in a wide range of colors, are an alternative to the standard colors of black and gray.

Ceramiczna dachówka antyczna Tuscany Tognana - kolor Moonlight, zbliżenie Ceramiczna dachówka antyczna Tuscany Tognana - kolor Dolomite, zbliżenie

Ceramic antique roof tiles from Tognana's Tuscany collection, the lapped variants in Moonlight and Dolomite shades

© Tognana | Dachyrustykalne

Italian elegance in the Polish landscape

Tiles by T ognana are suggestions for lovers of Southern European classics. The unique coloration of the tiles, obtained in the process of firing the clay (firing additionally strengthens the color fastness), causes that with the change of the time of day and the angle of incidence of light, the Mediterranean-style tile changes its shades. It fits in with the natural landscape and changing climate, beautifies the building and adds color to the surroundings, properly selected it creates harmony or the desired contrast.

In particular, the Tuscany model, which has a profile with a greater curvature that is deceptively reminiscent of a monk's-monk tile, allows multiple applications. It harmonizes with modern buildings - with a simple body, large glazing, with a facade in light colors. It also fits in with wood and stone - creating a house in a rustic atmosphere. It adds character to commercial developments - restaurants, hotels or resorts, and sets them apart from neighboring buildings.

Ceramiczna dachówka antyczna Tuscany Tognana - kolor Medieval, zbliżenie Ceramiczna dachówka antyczna Tuscany Tognana - kolor Renaissance, zbliżenie

Antique ceramic tiles from Tognana's Tuscany collection, rubbed variants in Medieval and Renaissance shades

© Tognana |rustic roofs

Italian tile for historic roofs

In projects that require the preservation of the historic or Mediterranean appearance of buildings, the use of Antique Tiles, such as the Tuscany model, makes it possible to achieve the distinctive image of a monk-tile roof, while avoiding the issue of difficult and experience-intensive installation. They are often used in the restoration of historic buildings, such as churches, monasteries, mansions and townhouses, as they meet the requirements set by conservationists. They form a stable and airtight roof. They are frostproof and resistant to changing weather conditions.

In terms of image, antique tiles are characterized by a high and fairly wide wave, expanding at the base. In addition, they have side depressions - gutters, imitating the bottom tile - dandelion. All this makes them an excellent substitute for paired tiles, maximally reflecting the character of these tiles.

Tognana Tuscany will be an excellent choice wherever the roof is to look like a monk and dandelion, and it is not possible to use paired tiles.

Technical and economic considerations may also lean toward the Tuscany antique tile. Thanks to the two locks and the lower thermodynamic lock, these tiles maintain excellent tightness. In addition, the use of locks with a large sliding tolerance affects flexibility in installation. The tolerance for covering a square meter ranges from 13.4 to 14 pieces. The speed and ease of installation of this tile significantly reduces the cost of roofing. Their installation is therefore fast, and they are more economical than monk tiles. In addition, they create a lighter roofing, while maintaining the aesthetics of a monk-monk roof.

Tuscany Tognana tile - a synthesis of past and present

Tognana, part of the Tegolaia Group, has been producing tiles for more than 200 years. One of its plants has supplied Venice with clay tiles since 1820. Tognana products are made from a carefully selected blend of high-quality clay from the Venetian Plain. The manufacturer uses the latest technologies to achieve the highest quality standards. Antique tiles are characterized by extraordinary authenticity, excellent appearance and functionality. Tognana has obtained confirmation of the compatibility of the tiles with UNI EN 1304, EN 538/539-1/539-2/1024, EN 533/2 and for frost resistance for Northern European countries.

Ceramiczna dachówka antyczna Tuscany Tognana – kolor Natural Red

Tuscany Tognana antique ceramic tile - color Natural Red

© Tognana | Tuscanyrustic roofs

Coppo Tognana's Tuscany Tile is available in five colors: natural red and with non-uniform, rubbed shades named: Medieval, Dolomite, Renaissance, Moonlight. Of special note is the color Moonlight, which is deceptively reminiscent of real southern construction, and impresses with its heterogeneous colors that suit any season.

For more information, visit the company's page on the PdA portal.

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