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NEL and NEL Nano modular tile with surface profiling - a new product in the offer of Florian Centrum

20 of April '22

Innovative sheet metal roofing tiles Nel and Nel NANO.
From the series "Roofs and roof accessories - Trends 2022".

The Florian Centrum Company is a well-known and respected manufacturer and distributor of metal roofing and facade products on the domestic market. At the end of last year, the company introduced an interesting new product - a modular metal roofing tile with the catalog name NEL, which not only immediately attracted the attention of demanding customers, but also appealed to the tastes of those looking for a new ideal solution. In response to the subsequent needs of investors, Florian is introducing a technologically modified NEL sheet metal roofing enriched with surface profiling, the so-called nano-wave, which strengthens and improves the rigidity of the panel.

A characteristic feature of this model is the symmetrical shape of the covering. This makes it possible to install the sheet from left to right, or vice versa. This clearly minimizes the amount of waste, resulting in reduced investment costs.

The interesting shape, solidity of workmanship and elegant appearance of the sheet metal roofing makes it look great both on buildings of contemporary design and traditional architecture.

NEL sheet metal tile with ultra-long warranty

It is an innovative product that not only has a modern and original design, however, the key attribute of the NEL sheet metal roofing is its technical side, the materials and coatings used in its production ensure quality, comfort and safety for up to 50 years. The roofing tile is manufactured on the basis of steel of excellent quality and its outer coatings PURMAT® or PURLAK® are highly resistant to external factors with a guarantee of up to 50 years.

Nel NANO sheet metal roofing tile

© Florian Centrum

The natural sequence of betting on the highest possible quality of raw materials is better product durability and, consequently, also far-reaching savings. Buying products at an alarmingly low price, it is easy to expose yourself to losses in the future. And NEL is a kind of guarantee of savings in the future.

In terms of weight or module length, it is the NEL sheet metal that meets all market requirements. This is perfectly illustrated in the following table:

  • Module length [mm] 350
  • Height of embossment [mm] 30
  • Profile height [mm] 13
  • Usable width [mm] 1134
  • Total width [mm] 1199
  • Total length of the sheet [mm] 720
  • Recommended roof slope inclination of 20°

building with Nel metal sheet roofing

© Florian Centrum

Nel metal sheet roofing tile

© Florian Centrum

Other modular sheet metal roof tiles in the company's offer

Florian Centrum Sp. z o.o. has a wide range of modular metal roofing tiles to offer customers in a variety of designs to satisfy even the most sophisticated aesthetic tastes. As a result, every customer will find a satisfactory product. NEL is the newest product in the range, although it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the entire aria of possibilities available to the Florian Company here.

Finezja metal roofing tile

© Florian Centrum

A few words about the company Florian Centrum

Company Florian Centrum was established in 1996 in Kutno, and also has a production plant in Tymbark. Recent years have been a good run of many positive changes - in 2018 the company became part of the Pruszyński Group, turning into a family company entirely with Polish capital. And barely less than half a year ago it transformed into a limited liability company. The company's product range is very wide and, as the company continues to grow, consists of modular metal roofing sheets, as well as trapezoidal sheets (including structural sheets ), guttering and other roofing accessories. In terms of quality, the company presents the highest possible standards and quality, which since 2004 has been confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland Polska Sp. z o.o. for Florian Centrum in Kutno.

It is important to note that Florian Centrum not only performs services in the form of standard flashing, but also realizes non-standard and industrial flashing. The most important thought of the company is to bet on the highest quality of services, and thus customer satisfaction.

For more information, visit the company's website Florian Centrum on the PdA portal.

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