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Maestro terrace slabs - new from Bruk-Bet

07 of January '21

A new product group Poleryt has appeared in Bruk-Bet's offer, which includes terrace slabs from the MAESTRO series: Grande, Vivo and Selecto. We explain what characterizes these slabs and where it is worth using them.

Terrace slabs are a functional material that can be successfully used not only for building a terrace. Our slabs are not only characterized by high strength and ease of installation, but also have a modern, elegant design, often inspired by natural materials. If you add to this a rich color scheme, you get a material that is easy to match with the space around the house. Our product range has just been enriched with MAESTRO slabs from the Poleryt series.

Maestro slabs - advantages

We have introduced three new MAESTRO slabs to our offer - Grande, Vivo and Selecto. Slabs of this brand are, on the one hand, the highest functionality and durability, and on the other - remarkable design. Appropriately composed precious aggregates, which can be fine-grained, medium-grained or coarse-grained, as well as their appropriate processing, made it possible to obtain surfaces with a natural look and, in addition, with a creative character.

Maestro Vivo white-gray-granite terrace tiles

Photo: © Bruk-Bet

MAESTRO Grande terrace slabs are large aggregate crumbs combined with fine aggregate of varying colors Such contrasting aggregates provide new design possibilities for designers. MAESTRO Vivo, on the other hand, are very vivid compositions that use large aggregate grains with varying colors. MAESTRO Selecto slabs, on the other hand, use small and medium aggregates. This made it possible, on the one hand, to obtain vivid surfaces, and on the other hand, homogeneous structures were created, with colors referring to rustical and microtec.

Maestro terrace tiles: Vivo white-gray-steel and Selecto granite black.

photo: © Bruk-Bet

Plates from the Poleryt series

MAESTRO slabs have a Polerite series finish. What does this mean? For such a finish, the so-called diamond brushing treatment is used. This technique involves milling and surface polishing. Such a technique makes the texture both soft and non-slip. On top of that, the tiles get an intense, contrasting color. It is also important that the finish of the Polerite series increases resistance to dirt.

Colors and formats of Maestro tiles

The boards are offered in two formats: 40×80, 60×60.

Available colors: white-gray, gray-gray, gray-steel, white-gray-granite, steel-gray pebble, coarse-grained gray granite, granodiorite, gray granite, black granite.

Slabs for purchase at Bruk-Bet Design sales outlets.

Photo gallery and the entire assortment of terrace slabs from the Maestro series at: Terrace slabs

For more information, visit Bruk-Bet 's A&B website.

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