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Tomb of Waste - ecological architectural competition

17 of April '20

You are invited to participate in an international competition organized by Switch Competitions. The task is to create an architectural installation drawing attention to the ubiquitous plastic littering the environment.

plastic - a versatile material

Plastic is a versatile material that has influenced the functioning of modern man. It has made space travel possible and revolutionized medicine. It can be said that every day life depends on plastic. Cars, airplanes, computers, electronic equipment, clothing, all contain plastic. Since the 1950s, plastic production has overtaken that of almost every other material. Unfortunately, most of the plastic we produce is for single use. As a result, plastic packaging accounts for about half of the world's plastic waste.

overwhelming facts - an ocean full of plastic

Every year we produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste. That's almost equivalent to the weight of the entire human population. Of the 9.2 billion tons of plastic produced, more than 6.9 billion has become waste. Of this waste, 6.3 billion tons never made it to the trash garbage can. Every year, 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans. If the current trend continues, our oceans could contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

Konkurs Tomb of Waste
© Switch Comeptitions

© Switch Competitions

global ziman mindset

Plastic has never been our enemy. It is the consumerist lifestyle and overproduction that is the biggest problem. We need to revolutionize awareness about waste production and how we manage it. Architecture should set an example and deepen awareness about waste recycling and sustainability.

eco installation

The task of the Tomb of Waste competition is to create an educational and poetic architectural installation. The submitted project should raise awareness of the negative impact of plastic waste on the planet. The installation should also attract public attention and encourage the creative use of waste plastic. The goal of the competition is to create a symbolic object - an icon of recycling and sustainability.


The competition is open to architects, students, engineers and designers. Individually or in a team. The team may consist of up to three members.

  • Registration: from March 1 to May 30 this year.
  • deadline for submission of works: until May 31 this year.
  • announcement of results: June 25 this year.

Detailed information and an application form are available on the Switch Competitions website.

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illustrations provided courtesy of Switch Competitions

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