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Tradition and minimalism in one. CHA_01 single-family house

10 of February '22
Technical data
Name: CHA_01 single-family house
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Chachalnia, Greater Poland voivodeship.
Studio: AMJ studio
Architects: Adam Jankowski, Kamil Paszek
Usable area: 114,10 m²


  • project
  • implementation

2020 -

The CHA_01 project by {tag:pracownie} was created by combining the traditional form of the house with a gabled roof with a modern, minimalist form of the terrace and roofing of the entrance area. However, the wood motif appearing on the facade of the house and in the form of lamellas, refers to the forest surroundings and rural buildings.

Dom widziany od strony

CHA_01 house is located in the village of Chachalnia

© AMJ studio

Thesimple functional layout of the house was designed for a family of three. The architects have separated the division into a living area for everyone and a night area intended only for the household members. The exit to the terrace and the main entrance to the building were located on one axis, which makes that immediately after crossing the threshold the eye is directed to the garden located deep in the plot.

Aksonometria domu

The house is characterized by a simple functional layout and entrances located on one axis.

© AMJ studio

Dobrawa Bies: a "simple" house seems easy to design. And what is it like in reality? Did you know right away what you wanted to achieve and how?

AMJ studio: Very often, minimalism and simplicity of solids is associated with the need to create appropriate drawings and details to achieve the desired effect. In the case of the CHA_01 house, it was no different - we were keen on the purity of the house's form, which is supposed to refer to traditional rural buildings in a new edition. We divided our creative process into stages according to the principle "from general to detail". The programmatic and spatial concept allows us to establish the goal we will pursue in the detailed design. This is why we believe that the conceptual work should provide for technical solutions so that every element of the project is feasible.

Dom od strony ulicy

The investors wanted the house to fit in with the village surroundings

© AMJ studio

Dobrawa: With what idea did the investors approach you?

AMJ studio: The investors dreamed of a house that would fit well into the cultural landscape of the village of Chachalnia. They wanted a light facade of the house finished with wood, simplicity of the body and a kind of timelessness. We believe that a building with good proportions will still look good in 10 or 30 years. The classic block covered with a gable roof with protruding eaves was also intended to reduce the cost of construction and later operation of the house. For example, it is much easier to sprefabricate timber trusses based on a single module of the span of the structural walls, while a block similar to a cuboid will better reduce heat loss in heating.

Dom od strony ogrodu

The laths create an openwork partition limiting the view into the interior of the house

© AMJ studio

Dobrawa: The house from the street side is quite "closed", while opening up from the garden side. An interesting accent is the wooden, openwork partitions referring in rhythm to the trees surrounding the plot. What other function do they serve? Tell us about the technical solutions.

AMJ studio: The facade of the house on the garden side has a large terrace, which gives free access to the householders from both the living area and the bedroom. Vertical elements imitating wood are intended to be a kind of openwork partition limiting the view into the interior of the house. The rhythm of the distribution of the lamellas means that when looking at the garden from the house, we can see the surroundings, while when looking from the outside from different angles, the visibility of the interior is negligible. In addition, the terrace is covered by an aluminum pergola with movable panels that can change their position, regulating the access of light rays to the interior. If necessary, they can limit the heating of the south-facing terrace in summer or allow the building's interior to be reheated on cold days.

drewniana konstrukcja

The architects introduced an overhang above the living room and exposed the roof truss beams in the interiors

© AMJ studio

Dobrawa: The biggest challenge and source of pride is?

AMJ studio: Definitely such an element is the overhang over the living room and exposing the roof truss beams in the interiors of the house. Working on a 3D model and coordinating the trades in one environment allowed us to combine the structural requirements with the mechanical ventilation used in the house, which is located in the non-utility part of the attic. Architectural design in BIM is the direction we want to go, so that even more technical details are resolved at the design stage. Minimizing the risk of collisions and errors streamlines the construction process and protects the investor's wallet from unexpected expenses.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed by: Dobrawa Bies

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