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Municipal Botanical Center in Zabrze from Studio BB Architects

12 of May '20

Studio BB Architects has created a design for the redevelopment of the Municipal Botanical Center. The new complex, which will be built in Zabrze, offers an expanded educational path and serves the needs of protecting and restoring biodiversity.

The project is a proposal for thedevelopment of the Municipal Botanical Center in Zabrze. The scope of the study includes the development of part of the site and a conceptual design for the reconstruction of the building of the existing greenhouse, and its further phased expansion for the needs of protection and restoration of biodiversity.

An important element of the project was the work on a mock-up

© Studio BB Architekci

Silesian heritage

The complex was designed as a greenhouse with a gable roof. The three-story mass is broken by a staircase, decorated with an imprint of ferns in coal. This is a reference to the heritage of Silesia (there are numerous mines in the vicinity of the MOB). According to the architects:

The fern imprint is also a reference to the role of plants in our lives: they once contributed to the creation of coal, today we need them, care for them, display and appreciate them.

Education and plants

Education is an important aspect of the project. Above the main entrance to the MOB, the authors created a rectangular, wood-cladeducational room. This is a place for lessons and presentations, including planting trials. There will also be an area for tables for segregating seeds, caring for seedlings and propagating them.

Plan ścieżki edukacyjnej Miejskiego Ośrodka Botanicznego Ekologiczne rozwiązania w Miejskim Ośrodku Botanicznym

The authors proposed an extensive educational path and took care of ecological solutions

© Studio BB Architects

In addition to the greenhouse, a small service and catering building was proposed as one of the expansion stages . In addition to serving visitors, it would allow for commercial events.

A mini biomass burning facility and a green roof

The concept takes a fully contemporary and ecological approach to sustainable design. Photovoltaic cells are proposed on the roof, and movable glass panels are used to regulate the temperature in the greenhouse.

Projekt Miejskiego Ośrodka Botanicznego zakłada zastosowanie zielonych dachów.

The project involves the conversion of an existing greenhouse

© Studio BB Architects

The authors also proposed a mini bio-waste inc inerator for heating purposes. Biomass will be obtained from waste and plant parts from the entire Botanical Center area. A green roof and beehives for bees have been created on the roof of the gastronomic area.

The project was designed by Tomasz Bradecki, Barbara Uherek-Bradecka, Paweł Gembalczyk and Julia Ledwoń of Studio BB Architects.

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illustrations courtesy of Studio BB Architects

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