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Gliwice will have a Center for Environmental Education!

19 of November '20

TheEnvironmental Education Center is a new investment of the Waste Management Company in Gliwice. The facility, along with the new headquarters of the PZO company, will be built in the vicinity of the landfill on Rybnicka Street. The {tag:pracownie} is responsible for this educational project.

TheCenter forEnvironmental Education for the Waste Management Company, the authors say, is intended to be a unique and demonstrative facility for creating environmental awareness. The CEE is to fulfill two important functions - supervision of waste storage and management, and environmental education.

CEE project presentation

© Studio BB Architects

eclogical one-story building

The design of the social and office facility involves the construction of a single-story building that blends in with its surroundings. The form is inspired by the neighboring hill, which is a reclaimed waste disposal site. In the design, the architects proposed prefabricated and ecological elements- folded sheet metal, glulam structural beams and a green roof. An educational path with information boards, a photovoltaic installation and space for beehives for bees were designed on the roof.

Budynek zbudowany jest
z ekologicznych materiałów

The one-story building fits into the nearby escarpment

© Studio BB Architects

educational paths

The area in front of the building's entrance will be an educational space for the youngest. In the square in front of the building, the authors proposed water jets along with urban furniture, which are arranged in a sign symbolizing recycling. In the part of the rising roof, seating steps have been composed, which are a place for relaxation and environmental education in the open air. Two educational paths lead from the space in front of the main entrance - one to the roof of the building and another that climbs the hill, where visitors will be able to walk around the reclaimed landfill.

Wokół budynku
znajdują się ścieżki edukacyjne

Educational paths lead to the roof of the building and a nearby slope

© Studio BB Architects

industrial interiors

The architects proposed industrial-style interiors with finishing elements of concrete, wood, and exposed fixtures. Directly adjacent to the conference and education room is a glass-enclosed exchanger room, which is also a demonstration space showcasing modern energy recovery and heating technologies.

CEE is a one-story building with an unusual plan

© Studio BB Architekci

The building will house offices, social spaces, an exhibition hall, conference and educational facilities. A naturally growing tree will greet visitors in the entrance area, emphasizing the ecological dimension of the project.

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