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VANK_CO furniture collection created for quick meetings at work

03 of April '20

VANK_CO is a collection created for those who squat for a while and those who "lean in" to an improved project. The name of the chairs comes from the concept of coworking - the birthplace of cooperation and building a consensual community. This is where it matters most, and where conversation and mutual inspiration stimulate creativity and motivate action.

VANK_CO is also a tool for teams working under conditions of sudden or continuous changes in the business environment and operation, or in a crisis situation. The notion of "agility" guided the designers when creating the furniture. They were created with a fast-track approach that bypasses planning and formalities or puts them on the back burner. The collection was recognized in the must have 2020 poll.

Instead of creating strategies, procedures and sticking to a plan analyzed in detail, one works flexibly with teams of people. Agility allows you to respond quickly and efficiently to change - the only constant in business. The key to success is responding fast enough.

agility is the key

CO hockers and tables will find their use in just such situations - in the common areas of office spaces, where departments with different responsibilities can work together. They can be arranged in creative zones, project work areas and corporate cafes and dining rooms.

The mobile hockers have a distinctively sloped seat. They come in three heights and are equipped with footrests and nimble rollers that brake under load. They are also available with lumbar support. The metal frame is available in a variety of colors for creative space design.

The collection also includes tables with a plate base supported by a column with pneumatic height adjustment. The tables on wheels can be one-person desks that change their place in a coworking space.

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