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What to do on the weekend when you can't leave the house?

13 of March '20

When you are weary of cleaning and tired of watching your favorite TV series and sit in the armchair unsure of what to do next, we present some cultural suggestions.

Virtual tours of museums in Poland are becoming increasingly popular. The offer is rich. Many institutions allow you to see permanent exhibitions, but also those long since dismantled, so this is an opportunity for all latecomers to catch up.


The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow invites you to take a virtual walk through the exhibitions:
History in Art, Viennese Actionism, Sport in Art, Collage with an Ermine, Collection, MOCAK III, Economy in Art, Rune Eraker. Displaced, Artists from Krakow. Generation 1980-1990, Daniel Spoerii, Art taken out of everyday life. You can see them here.

In addition, the museum encourages you to visit the e-gallery, which showcases works from the MOCAK Collection. To view here.


National Museum in Krakow

The museum presents the first installment of the iMNK project, in which it gives access to visit three permanent collections and the archival exhibition "Stanisław Wyspiański's Ogromny Theater." All available galleries can be found here.

You can see other collections from Malopolska here.


Royal Castle in Warsaw

You can take a virtual tour of the stunning chambers of the Royal Castle and the Palace under the Metal sheet here.


Warsaw Uprising Museum

Another Warsaw museum is opening its exhibition to those eager for excitement and invites you to take a virtual stroll. To enter here.


National Museum in Warsaw

The museum invites you to take a walk through its permanent galleries. It is possible to see collections dating back as far as antiquity to contemporary art. The collection of the Warsaw National Museum is available here.


Castle Museum in Malbork

To learn more about the Teutonic Knights (and more), take a look at Malbork Castle. Knightly attractions available here.

More museums available for a virtual tour can be found here.


If you're still hungry for a cultural experience, Ninateka is available to everyone. There you will find operas, plays, interviews radio dramas and reports on art, theater, literature, architecture, among others. Entrance this way.

If you had plans to spend the upcoming weekend in Paris, walking the corridors of the Louvre, among other things, it is possible. The Google Arts & Culture app allows you to visit the world's most famous cultural institutions. In addition to the aforementioned Louvre, the collections of MoMA and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, The J. Getty Museum in Los Angeles, The British Museum in London, the City Museum in Mumbai, and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, among others, are available. Safe travel abroad this way.

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