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The best in the competition for the development of the triangular square in Wroclaw

13 of March '20

In the competition for the concept of developing a fragment of the so-called Triangle Square, organized by SARP in Wroclaw in cooperation with the City of Wroclaw, the jury awarded three prizes and two equivalent distinctions.

Activities under the sign of Acupuncture of the City are organized by the Wroclaw branch of SARP every year. As in classical acupuncture, the project aims to heal the city by pricking it. The goal is to restore normal balance, repair tissue and improve functioning.

And the award

These and other assumptions are fulfilled by the project of Anna Okon and Marta Dabrowska, who received an award of PLN 12,000 for their work. Their proposal was appreciated, among other things, for achieving an elegant, metropolitan visual effect of the street, while using simple means. The authors managed to preserve the triangular trees growing in the place of the square and additionally created a pocket park.

I miejsce, proj.: Anna Okoń, Marta Dąbrowska

1st prize,
proj.: Anna Okoń, Marta Dąbrowska

II prize

The award of PLN 6,000 went to the design team of Space Odyssey Architects (Ivgen Chernat, Hanna Chernat, Anastasiia Varvanina), Inna Dobrovolskaya, Jakub Golębiewski, Romea Murin, Dmitry Shmatenko. The designers were appreciated, among other things, for their coherent treatment of downtown space and clear connection of the "triangle" square-street-plaza.

Second prize,
proj.: Space Odyssey Architects (Ivgen Chernat, Hanna Chernat, Anastasiia Varvanina), Inna Dobrovolskaya, Jakub Golubev.

Third prize

The team represented by Aleksandra Lisiak, Adrian Sowa and Pawel Lisiak was awarded a prize of 4 thousand PLN. Recognition was given, among other things, to the reference to the idea of acupuncture of the city, as well as to the architectural solutions involving the existing greenery on the "triangle". The jury also stressed that the team was the only one to take into account the issue of cleaning up the visual identification of the signs of service establishments.

Third prize,
proj.: Aleksandra Lisiak, Adrian Sowa and Pawel Lisiak

honorable mentions ex aequo

An honorable mention in the amount of PLN 2,500 went to Patryk Kusz, among others, for creating a calm atmosphere in a busy space and a field for the organization and arrangement of various cultural events within the square.

wyróżnienie, proj.: Patryk Kusz

equal honorable mention,
proj.: Patryk Kusz

The second equal honorable mention went to the team consisting of: Apolonia Slesarow, Jakub Kozachenko, Lukasz Modrzejewski, Konrad Zaborski receiving PLN 2,500. The award was given for, among other things, planting Komuny Paryskiej Street with greenery and developing the square so that it can be used for various local events.

equivalent honorable mention,
Apolonia Slesarow, Jakub Kozaczenko, Lukasz Modrzejewski, Konrad Zaborski

The jury deliberated in the composition of:

  • Piotr Kostka - SARP O/Poznan,
  • Maciej Hawrylak - SARP O/Wrocław,
  • Katarzyna Dobiecka - SARP O/Wrocław,
  • Piotr Fokczynski - Architect of the City of Wroclaw,
  • Monika Kozłowska-Święconek - Director of the Office of Sustainable Mobility,
  • Magdalena Nawara - Chairman of the Oławskie Przedmieście Housing Estate Council,
  • Mikołaj Smoleński - SARP O/Wrocław,
  • Anna Sroczynska - Director of the Wroclaw Development Office,
  • Beata Urbanowicz - Coordinator of the City of Wroclaw Art Decoration Project.

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