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Why are we losing ground?

11 of December '19

AiB patronized the 39th edition of the Maria Dokowicz competition for the best diploma from the University of Arts in Poznan. We awarded a distinction to Wojciech Iłenda for his work entitled. "Why do we lose ground under our feet?" made under the direction of Slawomir Brzoska.

Wojciech Iłenda graduated from the Department of Sculpture, but his thesis is strongly connected with space design and deconstruction. The huge sculptural installation he created, consisting of dozens of handmade segments, is designed to disrupt perspective and disturb the sense of balance of its users.

video of the installation

© Wojciech Iłenda

medium step

White rectangular segments measuring 150×75 cm laid flat on the floor form the installation. The panels, when stepped on, crack and break, resounding in different ways depending on the space in which they are placed. The dimension of a single panel is not accidental - it corresponds to the length of an average human step and is 75 cm. The installation also consists of a transparent object placed in the space, which the artist says: "is a synthesis, the potential of an event, a foreshadowing of the rupture that happens by walking on the ground. Containing it in space."

The transparent object is a foreshadowing of cracking

© Wojciech Iłenda

The work also refers to the words of philosopher Hanna Buczyńska-Garewicz:

Space is created originally in sensations, experiences, moods, actions. Its source is the experience of life, through which it is constituted.

metaphorical losing ground

An important experience in the process of thinking about metaphorical losing ground was encountering the phenomenon of wild ice skating - a sport in which skating takes place on the surface of a lake, on very thin ice. The ice bends under the rider, resting on the water, so it doesn't crack - it swings with the surface all over the lake, and as it ripples, it makes characteristic "shots," sounds associated with a laser. These are higher the thinner the ice. The described phenomenon seems to me an adequate analogy for my work," says Wojciech Ilenda.

The work, made at the UAP Department of Sculpture in cooperation with Nowy Ląd S.A and PolyCore (modelarnia24), was shown at the Poznan International Fair and at the Marshal's Office in Poznan. Its form changed the interiors of the buildings and encouraged interaction - a walk. The author himself recommends doing it with focus, sensitivity and attentiveness.

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based on text by Paulina Brelinskaya
illustrations courtesy of Wojciech Iłenda

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