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Zuzanna Rogowska - "A residential house with social functions in Warsaw's Praga district"

29 of May '23
Technical data
Type: engineering thesis
Year of defense: 2022

Zuzanna Rogowska

Wydział Architektury Politechniki Warszawskiej

Dr. Anita Orchowska

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Diploma Architecture"

The subject of the engineering work is a residential house with social functions in the Praga district of Warsaw. The area of the study includes a plot of land at 23 Stalowa St. The concept was realized in two scales: architectural and interior design. The aim of the project was to learn about design solutions in residential construction and to analyze factors that can positively influence the quality of residence. The concept shows how they can be implemented in the design of a multifamily building to create a comfortable framework for living in the city.

budynek wielorodzinny przy ulicy Stalowej 23 w Warszawie

Multi-family building at 23 Stalowa Street in Warsaw

© Zuzanna Rogowska

The building was designed to primarily provide a comfortable living environment, to foster a homey atmosphere, and to allow people to experience community and the pleasure of meeting other people.

widok od strony podwórka

view from the courtyard

© Zuzanna Rogowska

Dispositions have been proposed for cleaning up the entire area to improve the living comfort of its residents: they will regain a friendly neighborhood zone — green gardens and places for relaxation and meetings.



© Zuzanna Rogowska

The building's functional program includes spaces that foster closer ties between neighbors, and thus enhance the experience of community and help nurture the value of settling down, as well as the formation of grassroots, neighborhood initiatives and community and self-help groups.

dach        budynek jest współczesną interpretacją śródmiejskiej kamienicy

The building is a contemporary interpretation of a downtown townhouse

© Zuzanna Rogowska

The project refers to the Integrated Revitalization Program of the City of Warsaw, where Stalowa Street was included in the key revitalization project, as well as to the artisanal character of Praga. The building provides a place where New Wave craftsmen can develop their activities, along with an integrative and educational offer for the local community.


cross section

© Zuzanna Rogowska

The engineering project shows how to design the interior of a house that, on the one hand, refers to traditional solutions and, on the other, responds to the variability and unpredictability of modern life. A home today has two important functions: it is the scene of everyday life and a refuge that allows us to rest from excess stimuli, soothe our senses and reduce the stress levels associated with the busy lifestyle that most of us lead. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that this role of the home is still relevant today.

rzut parteru        rzut piętra

ground and first floor plans

© Zuzanna Rogowska

In the designed dwellings, the center is a room whose function can change, for example, from a place where the family eats breakfast in the morning, to a room for children's remote lessons or an office for parents to work, to a quiet zone for practicing yoga and relaxation.

makieta, wnętrze budynku        makieta, wnętrze budynku

mockup, interior of the building

© Zuzanna Rogowska

The comfort of the apartments is manifested in their appropriate functional layout, which makes it possible to separate the various functions and separate the residents. It provides intimacy while allowing for casual encounters and the company of other residents, which can translate positively into relationships.

makieta, wnętrze budynku        makieta, wnętrze budynku

mockup, interior of the building

© Zuzanna Rogowska

The building is a contemporary interpretation of a downtown townhouse. The project shows that reference to tradition does not have to be only a melancholy longing for the past or an obstacle to change, but can be a potential to establish a dialogue with tradition, take care of the integrity of the cityscape and strengthen the identity of a place.


Illustrations: © Author

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