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Alice in Wonderland. Apartment designed by Poco Design

31 of December '22

The interior designs by Patrycja Suszek-Rączkowska speak the language of emotions, impressing at the same time with their precisely disciplined form. The owner of the architectural studio Poco Design created the concept of these evasive interiors with a family of four in mind. The realization of the 88-square-meter apartment in Warsaw's Mokotów district fills one with a warm feeling of entering the world of the characters from Lewis Carroll 's book or the screen adaptation of Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp in the role of the Mad Hatter. The design was inspired by the fairy tale world of Alice in Wonderland.

In the world of interiors, there are many motifs and symbols that are associated with the enchanted story of Alice. Clocks, mirrors, cups and hats are just some of them. The owners of the apartment shown today were looking for a designer who would realize their dream of having an unconventional home, far from classic standards. The choice fell on Patrycja Suszek-Rączkowska. Her concepts consciously blur the boundaries between eras, resulting in interiors that are diverse, unique and very timeless.

Strefa dzienna

living area of the apartment

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Poco Design

This time the owner of the Poco Design studio combined technical design elements with a painterly sensitivity to the colors and shapes of the surrounding world. Unobvious, at times dark and deep colors, various structures, patterns and shapes, are combined here into one magical whole.

Already at the entrance a surprise awaits us - an oriental wallpaper motif depicting scenes of life in the Far East. Patrycja Suszek-Rączkowska decided to show them in a contemporary blue color version. Here we have a large mirror in a steel frame, the shape of which is alluded to by a decorative lamp with glass lampshades and a marble ball. Corresponding with them is the author's furniture in a deep shade of navy blue, with decorative brass handles in the shape of branches and a colorful seat.

Jadalnia Dekoracje w kuchni

living room with open kitchen

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Poco Design

white rabbit in a navy blue kitchen

Theliving room with an open kitchen is kept in a navy blue-gray color scheme. The floor is made of wide oak planks in a tabaco shade. The round, folding oak table by Polish designer Iwona Kosicka was stained to match the color of the floor. The kitchen cabinets also share the same shade of wood. Here it was emphasized by the contrast of the deep navy blue found on the kitchen fronts juxtaposed with the large-format Silestone Poblenou surface by Spanish company Cosentino, which was used for the countertop, sink and wall covering. The whole is complemented by a leather sofa on charming wooden legs, a coffee table with a top made of an uncut marble fragment and an rtv cabinet in a blue shade.

Łazienka ociekająca lawą

Dekton Trillum sinter inspired by volcanic stones was used on the bathroom wall

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Poco Desig

bathroom dripping with lava

In the bathroom, the main decoration is the wall opposite the entrance. It was covered with large-format Dekton Trilium sintering from Cosentino. The pattern inspired by volcanic stones with intense gray and black accents reminds the occupants of the house of lava. The choice of Dekton is also the designer's nod to environmental protection, as the production of this cladding is based on closed-loop and recycled materials - this shade contains more than 90% recovered raw materials! An illuminated mirror with an irregular, organic shape is exposed on the Dekton background. A veneered cabinet houses a sizable double sink, which is illuminated by lamps designed by Tom Dixon. The forms of the lamps and the mirror intermingled, creating an asymmetrical composition.


The bedroom resembles a mysterious garden

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Poco Design

enchanted bedroom

The bedroom resembles a mysterious garden with a thicket of colors and plants. The color tones used seem to compete with each other for the attention of the occupants. The colors of nature, the motifs of leaves and flowers, the softness of velours and the severity of linens create a very cozy atmosphere here. The individual elements were made with the utmost attention to detail, combining the best qualities of precise artistic craftsmanship.

Leśne motywy w sypialni Ryflowana szafa

distinctive accessories in the bedroom

Photo: Yassen Hristov © Poco Design

Giant brass handles in the shape of ginkgo leaves adorn the original mint-colored fluted closet. The bed headboard in a terracotta shade and the brilliant wallpaper, interestingly enlivening the interior, are also delightful. The result is a color-rich, fabulous and cozy interior, with a hint of variation that makes it easy to take more distance from the world around us here.

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