The space in which we play or relax has a direct and significant impact on how we feel in a given place. Therefore, the shaping of this space should be conscious and non-accidental. We offer our knowledge and experience in creating your own unique space, in which staying will be a real pleasure for you.

The peculiarity of work in the creation of a building is the constant contact with a generally demanding client, which forces the architect to work harder, resulting in the best solutions. They are a combination of the designer's knowledge and skills with the expectations of the investor.

When designing, we strive to achieve a balance between the form and function of the building. We believe that the form should reflect the purpose of the building and be characteristic of the function it contains.

We offer cooperation in the design of hotels, restaurants, stores, offices, conference rooms, offices and many others. The space in which we work, to which we invite clients, a representative space. The interior architecture we shape is thoughtful and functional.

Monika Pietraszek, Bolesław Figiel, Marcin Lenczowski.

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