Pracownia 88

PRACOWNIA 88, founded in 2015 and based in Zory (Silesian voivodeship), is an original architectural studio with design experience in small and large scale commercial and private projects. The core of the studio is formed by a pair of architects with different professional experience.

We take an individual approach to each investor. We do not impose our opinion, but focus on the needs and conditions. We begin each project with a detailed analysis of the needs and an in-depth study of the conditions of the plot. We look for all possible design concepts to ensure optimal use of the potential of the project site.

We like design challenges. Difficult plots, non-standard ideas and investors' requirements are the driving force for us.

We are not bound by any architectural style. When designing buildings, we simultaneously think about its interior, creating harmony between the body of the building and its interior. We believe that good architecture brings joy.

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