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Balcony as a way to enjoy spring

14 of April '20

Quarantine and restrictions on movement have made terraces, balconies and home gardens virtually the only places where we can now enjoy sunny weather and fresh air. To make the relaxation complete, it's a good idea to arrange a comfortable and impressive-looking space. Here are some inspiring suggestions.

comfortable seats

The main element of a garden or balcony arrangement are seats. How to choose the right one? This decision should depend on the space allocated for them. If thespace to be developed is small, we advise you to opt for chairs or small armchairs. Sleek and lightweight, but comfortable seats are offered by Dutchbone, Woood or Orange Line brands . On a small terrace or allotment, benches that can seat two people will also work perfectly. Such designs have, among others, the Woood company.

 Jak urządzić
balkon? © BM Housing

© BM Housing

multifunctional tables

Comfortable relaxation, however, seats alone will not guarantee. For this you still need tables - preferably light and easy to move. One on which you can put a cup of coffee and a glass of water, and put your phone or a book, so that they are always at hand. The collection from Orange Line has small dimensions and a handle on the top, so you can effortlessly move the table with what's on them to another place, following the shifting rays of the afternoon sun.

durable materials

When making a choice, it is worth paying attention not only to the form and functionality of the furniture, but also to its functional qualities, especially what it is made of. High-quality plastics, which will not be harmed by UV radiation or rain, will do well outdoors. Some types of wood, including acacia, are also resistant to the elements.

naczynia Urban Nature
Culture © BM Housing

bamboo dishes

© BM Housing

bamboo table setting

Once we've decorated our relaxation space, the beautiful weather is sure to prompt household members to dine outdoors. It is then worth thinking about setting the table. For this, of course, you can use everyday ceramic tableware, but more appropriate will be plates, bowls, bowls and mugs, designed for outdoor use, for example, by Urban Nature Culture. These dishes, made of bamboo, don't weigh much, won't break or chip and are dishwasher safe. Decorated with colorful ornaments, they will add an upbeat, springtime touch on those hard days of isolation.

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illustrations provided courtesy of BM Housing

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