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"CARBS - Concrete Kinetics," online exhibition

Dobrawa Bies
08 of February '21

CEMEX is constantly looking for innovative solutions in the design of building materials and their application in construction. This time it has found them in art! "CARBS - Concrete Kinetics" is an artistic initiative created by CEMEX and organizations associated with the popularization of architecture, such as Matter Design and AEDES, to reflect on the multidimensionality of innovation in construction.

Concrete Kinetics (CARBS) is a series of online events that will feature choreography using megalithic elements made of concrete (each weighing between 400 and 1,800 kg). Despite their significant weight, the elements can easily be moved even by one person. This experimental choreography aims to explore the potential of human interaction with innovative concrete technology and ancient methods of transporting megalithic structures.

Wystawa online, CARBS
– Concrete Kinetics

"CARBS - Concrete Kinetics" event.

© Matter Design

concrete objects

Concrete Ob jects was developed by Boston-based Matter Design and CEMEX Global Research and Design (R&D). Representatives from these organizations will discuss their design and construction processes, the thrust of which was to move away from the use of fossil fuel energy to energy derived from human labor (CARBS) with concrete objects.

The partnership with AEDES and Matter Design underscores our efforts to develop sustainable and innovative solutions, said Davide Zampini, Director of Global Research and Development at CEMEX, who is a speaker throughout the CARBS series.


Those interested in innovations in applied art design and concrete architecture using modern building materials are encouraged to participate in this unique project.

Theonline events are divided into three parts and are available on Facebook:

  • Scatter (Thursday, February 4 this year, 4:30 pm)
  • Assemble (Friday, February 12 this year, at 6 pm)
  • Split (Friday, February 26 this year, at 6 p.m.)

Each consists of a screening and discussion on sustainability, creativity research and innovation.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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