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The compelling story of concealed cisterns

09 of February '21

Half a century of testing in the heart of the Swiss Alps

They have been known in the world for almost 60 years. They came to Poland only in the 1990s, like many other innovations and technologies from the West. Concealed flush toilets, as they are referred to, are today already a standard. It is worth knowing that, like excellent chocolate and top-quality watches, this revolutionary technical solution is due to the Swiss.

Patent z 1905 roku na pierwszą drewniano-ołowianą spłuczkę toaletową dla firmy Gebert (obecnie Geberit)

One of the patents for Albert Gebert from 1912.

© GEBERIT Archive

Patent for a cistern

It is worth a small retrospective at the outset to mention that Geberit is the inventor and manufacturer of the first wood and lead flush toilet. The patent for this product was obtained by Gebert - for that was the name of today's Geberit at the time - in 1905. Less than half a century later, in 1952, Geberit launched the first cistern made of plastic, and after another 10 years came the concealed cistern. 1964 - that's when Geberit launched the first cistern model integrated into the wall.

Pierwsza drewniano-ołowiana spłuczka do wc marki Gebert

Gebert's first wooden-lead toilet cistern from 1905

© GEBERIT Archive

Form follows function - a revolution for the times

The invention of the Swiss manufacturer was perfectly in line with the design trends and directions of designers' thinking at the time. Form was subordinated to function, and the main aspiration of the designers of the period was to combine aesthetics with maximum usability of the product. It was then that the ideas for modular, multifunctional furniture or retractable beds were born. Simplicity, ergonomics and convenience dominated in the small bathrooms typical of the housing industry of the time. Geberit designers focused their attention on a space-saving solution. The fruit of their work was precisely flush toilets built into the wall.

In the heart of the Swiss Alps,
In the bathrooms of the Eiger Hotel...

An important chapter in the history of concealed cisterns was written in the bathrooms of the Eiger Hotel, located in the Swiss mountain village of Grindelwald. Its owners, in the mid-1960s, were among the first investors who decided to use this solution, innovative for the time, in their facility. Although the main argument that convinced them was the pragmatic promise and the possibility of designing smaller bathrooms - this provided guests with more spacious rooms.

...tested on people...

For the first few years, the staff quite often had to explain to the hotel's customers how to flush the toilet. However, the owners never regretted their decision. Why?

...For half a century!

Because Geberit flush toilets worked smoothly and flawlessly continuously for 50 years! During this time not a single one of them was replaced. What's more, when in 2013 it was decided to carry out a general overhaul of hotel bathrooms, the design of which had already deviated quite significantly from current trends, it turned out that after half a century of operation Geberit cisterns are still in impeccable condition and could successfully operate for many more years. Their tanks have retained all their parameters.

In this situation, the decision of the owners of the Eiger Hotel could only be one: they replaced the old Geberit cisterns with... the latest generation of Geberit Duofix. They are confident that the new cisterns will serve guests just as well for the next 50 years.

We keep our fingers crossed :)

Geberit contemporary

This year will mark 57 years since Geberit's invention was introduced to the market. Concealed flush toilets have revolutionized bathrooms around the world - we commonly encounter them today in both domestic and public toilets. Although the current market offer of built-in cisterns includes products from many different brands, the real Geberit is still only one, and its cisterns enjoy an impeccable reputation among investors, architects and contractors. They unanimously admit that Geberit products are synonymous with safety, as they are distinguished by the best quality, reliability and a guarantee of trouble-free operation for many years.

Spłuczka podtynkowa
Duofix Sigma21 © GEBERIT

Contemporary Duofix concealed cistern


Timeless quality from the Old Continent

From the beginning of the company until today, all Geberit cisterns are manufactured in Europe. Nowadays, the production process is almost fully automated, but it still takes place under human supervision. The cisterns are molded using the blow-molding method from high-density PE-HD polyethylene. This makes it possible to achieve a uniform structure of the body of the entire tank, which, combined with the high mechanical strength and flexibility of polyethylene, virtually eliminates the possibility of cracking the cistern. This is confirmed by the facts. Of the more than 2.5 million cisterns installed in Poland over the past 25 years, not a single one has leaked. Geberit provides a 10-year warranty not only for the cistern itself, but also for all components inside. Geberit is the only manufacturer on the market to ensure the availability of spare parts for its products for 25 years.

Spłuczka podtynkowa Duofix na stelażu © GEBERITDuofix concealed cistern on a frame


Cistern and frame - the perfect duo

Not only the cistern, but also the frame is responsible for user safety. The design of both elements in the latest generation of Geberit products includes a number of solutions, introduced after comprehensive laboratory tests. They serve to improve acoustic performance, reduce the amount of water used to flush the toilet and simplify installation - naturally, while maintaining quality parameters. Tests, conducted by independent, certified institutes, confirmed that Geberit frames can safely withstand a load of 400 kg for many years of use with only 4 fixing points. It is worth noting that 400 kg is a control load - the Geberit rack safely carries loads even several times higher.


Swiss quality has been appreciated around the world for years. It is worth remembering that in addition to excellent chocolate, cheese and watches, the Swiss also owe the highest quality flushable cisterns and toilet racks.

Compiled from company press materials GEBERIT Sp. z o.o..

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