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Wayfinding for the Centrum South office building designed by Studio Close

05 of March '21
Technical data
Name: wayfinding in the office building Center South
Investor: SKANSKA
Location: Poland, Wroclaw
Studio: Studio Blisko
Building design: APA Wojciechowski


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Signage contractor:


Wayfinding, which is a coherent visual information system that allows us to orient ourselves in space, not only enables us to reach our destination, but also adds character to the objects for which it is designed. Studio Blisko, which deals with the creation of wayfinding, has developed another signage concept, this time for Wroclaw's Centrum Południe office building designed by studio APA Wojciechowski.

oznaczenie building exitoznaczenie building exitoznaczenie building exit

building exit signage

photo: Anna Nowokuńska

For the first phase of the project, which includes two buildings (CP1 and CP2) with a common garage but separate lobbies, stairwells and elevators, designers from Studio Blisko developed a consistent and clear visual information system including signage for the entrance foyer, elevators, stairwells, stairwell vestibules, two-story garage, outdoor area and technical functions.

miedziane wsporniki informacyjne oznaczenie windy

author's pictograms

Photo: Anna Nowokuńska

The wayfinding design makes use of the copper colors used in the architectural design. Copper metal elements thread through all important common spaces - flat on the walls and perpendicularly, as copper brackets visible from a distance and indicating functions hidden around the corner. The development's logo is made of bent sheet metal mounted on spacers. A motif of linear divisions and illustrations was introduced in the stairwell and lobby space. It refers to the wooden lamellas present in the interior design - rhythmic vertical divisions made of planks. The graphic design repeats the rhythm of vertical lines and varies it by gradation of line thickness. A raster of three thicknesses was created, used in the numbering of floors on the staircase, on the staircase's mezzanines, as well as in the entrance lobby on the glazing, for example, on the wings of the revolving door," the designers from Studio Close tell us.

oznaczenia on staircaseoznaczenia on staircaseoznaczenia on staircase

markings on the staircase

Photo: Anna Nowokuńska

The main role in the project is played by the author's pictograms - simplified outlines of figures and objects indicate the various functions - elevators, toilets, parking, canteen, electric vehicle charging area, and inform about, among other things, where the smoking ban is in force, where the hydrant and fire extinguisher are located or where to look for the wifi zone. The pictograms are complemented by modern, tailored typography that allows users to find their way in the elaborate structure of the office building.

informacja wskazująca drogę do budynku CP2 informacja przestrzegająca przed korzystaniem z windy w razie pożaru

Signage in the office building

photo: Anna Nowokuńska

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