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Functionality, simplicity and quality. Apartment in Lodz designed by 3XEL Architects.

08 of March '21

The interior of a 140-square-meter apartment in Lodz, realized according to the design of architects from the 3XEL studio, is full of contrasts - white is juxtaposed with black, cool gray with a warm shade of wood, and straight lines and angles are complemented by curved edges.

The apartment in Lodz consists of a high, spacious living area and a mezzanine, which houses the investor's austere but functional studio with a large mobile work table, which - if necessary - converts into a table tennis top.

łódzki apartament
składa się z wysokiej, przestronnej części mieszkalnej i antresoli mobilny
stół roboczy w razie potrzeby zamienia się na blat do tenisa stołowego

Left: living area; right: mezzanine.

photo: Dariusz Jarząbek

enchanted by Lodz

Marek and Sheila, traveling around the world, came to Lodz for a trip. Although completely unconnected with the city, they were enchanted by its authenticity - they decided to stay here for a longer period of time, the authors of the project say. - The consensual cooperation with the investors, based on trust, as well as their sensitivity and sense of aesthetics, allowed us to spread our wings and derive satisfaction from every stage of the design process," add the architects from the 3XEL studio.

In the lower part of the apartment, the open space is stunning - a high living room highlighted by long curtains is divided into a lounge area, an area with an oblong countertop for work and a dining area with a dark oval table. Further down, under the mezzanine, is a partially hidden black and white kitchen separated from the living room by an island. What catches the eye most, however, is the sculptural, splayed balustrade of the staircase leading to the mezzanine. The white form gently complements the classic and elegant interior.

rzeźbiarska, wyoblona
balustrada schodów kuchnia

Left:sculptural, splayed staircase balustrade; right: black and white kitchen

photo: Dariusz Jarząbek

Light - both natural and artificial - also plays an important role in the design. The interior is decorated with stylish lamps, and a large amount of glazing opens the apartment to the surroundings and the New Center of Łódź. The rooms are gently illuminated thanks to the use of fluted glass in the studio and bedroom.

The bathrooms are also impressive - one is decorated in warm, sandy tones, and the other in black.

fragment łazienki
utrzymanej w ciemnych kolorach detal jasnej łazienki

left: a bathroom in dark colors; right: a lighter bathroom kept in sandy tones

photo: Dariusz Jarząbek

simplicity and functionality

The design concept was to be an interior that relies on natural materials to maintain a cozy and warm atmosphere, instead of splendor we wanted to focus on simplicity, modesty and high quality while maintaining maximum functionality. The investors also wanted to make room in their apartment for products of Polish manufacturers. [...] We carried out the project in the "turnkey" option, the vast majority of cooperation took place online, as the Investors were outside Poland. We would not have achieved such an effect without our irreplaceable contractors and co-workers, whom we thank for the effort put in! - conclude the architects.

Ola Kloc

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