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Cinema of the Road. A series of outdoor film screenings by the National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism

11 of August '20

The National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism invites you to the Cinema of the Road, a thematic series of outdoor screenings that will present a selection of documentaries and feature films. The next installment of the event is this Thursday!

The series of film screenings is divided into six thematic blocks: Road Cinema Classics, City Walk, Home-World Route, Road to Work, Car Cinema and Nature Trail.

program cyklu seansów filmowych

program of the series of film screenings

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Along with the proposed program, we will go on a cinematic walk through the city, on a journey in search of our own roots and identity, learn about the struggles of labor migrants, skip along the expressway, and finally take a closer look at animal trails, the event's organizers announced.
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This Thursday, August 13 at 21:00 as part of the City Walk block, there will be screenings of two films - a record of life in Moscow's prefabricated blocks "П-44 [P-44]," a documentary film directed by Vladimir Stekachyov, and the feature story "Oh, boy," directed by Jan Ole Gerster, whose protagonist, walking the streets of Berlin, searches for his own place in the world.

To attend the event, send a message to: Detailed information and the event program can be found here.

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