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City hall marshal in Krakow will not be built

23 of February '22

The new headquarters of the Marshal's Office of the Malopolska Region will not be built. The complex of buildings planned for a decade at the Grzegórzeckie Roundabout was to bring together the offices of the Office and the provincial assembly scattered around the city.


The decision was announced on Radio Krakow by Voivodeship Marshal Witold Kozlowski. The Regional Administrative Center Małopolska, the company responsible for building the facility, has just been put into liquidation. As Kozlowski argues, for eight years of its operation, the investment failed to get off the ground, and an audit conducted by the Supreme Audit Office ( NIK) questioned the legitimacy of the entire investment.

We made an attempt to rework business models. We worked with serious partners, but they backed away from the investment. Now we have decided that now is not the time to build glass palaces for officials. We have many other expenses.

Witold Kozlowski

apparent savings

Ratusz Marszałkowski

photo: Horizone Studio / Marshal's Office of the Malopolska Region

The abandonment of the construction of the Office's new headquarters does not mean, however, that politicians have no other plans for the attractive site in the center of Krakow. As Marshal Kozlowski points out, functions related to health care are to return there. A clinic operated there for many years, demolished in connection with the construction of an office building. The provincial authorities want to locate there a new headquarters for the Provincial Dental Clinic, the Malopolska Labor Medicine Center and the Regional Social Assistance Center. Part of the plot is to be occupied by a new office building for the Malopolska Regional Development Agency, which also plans to build, and to which the land partly belongs.

instead of offices - offices

Ratusz Marszałkowski

photo: Horizone Studio / Marshal's Office of Małopolska Region

So it turns out that under the guise of an "outpatient clinic" an office complex forhealth care and social welfare institutions is to be built. This type of function can be placed in the "Marshal's City Hall" building, which has been planned for years. Similarly, MARR offices. By abandoning the implementation of this project, the funds invested to date in this venture are squandered. The MARR offices scattered throughout Krakow, generating costs associated with the need to rent and maintain multiple buildings, the circulation of documents - will have to be used for years to come.

city hall from the competition

Ratusz Marszałkowski

Photo: Horizone Studio / Marshal's Office of the Malopolska Region

The abandoned design of the so-called "Marshal's City Hall" is a concept by a consortium of Horizone Studio and Małeccy Biuro Projektowe from Krakow, selected in a competition held in 2013. In 2014-2016, its implementation project was developed - so construction could theoretically begin at any time. From the beginning, the project envisaged the possibility of phasing the work, so that the investment could be adapted to the real needs of the office. The complex of facilities was planned as a system of three buildings (buildings A, B, C - covered by the project, planned in stage 1), which in the future could be supplemented by two more buildings (buildings D, E - proposed in stage 2). In June 2015, a detailed audit of the project with the final BREEAM report was prepared for certification. The project received 73.3% points. On October 27, 2015, a BREEAM Excellent certificate was issued for the project. In 2016, the project received the PLGBC Green Building Award grand prize for the most environmentally friendly public building in Poland.

Kacper Kępiński

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