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Studio skyscraper will fill gap in market and development

10 of November '23

In 2023, office space in Warsaw shrank for the first time in history. Available space has shrunk by more than 130,000 sqm. The gap will be partially filled by the Studio A skyscraper, whose construction start has just been announced by Skanska. The first part of the complex by the Danish-Polish team is already standing.

As of September 2022, there were 6.34 million sq. m. of offices in Warsaw. According to data that the Polish Chamber of Commercial Real Estate published, twelvemonths later this space had shrunk to 6.2 million sq. m. Such a situation is taking place for the first time. It is influenced by demolitions—including Atrium, which is making room for the much larger Upper One project. Some older office buildings are also being converted to apartments. Others, such as Warta Tower, have been taken off the market for upgrades.

Wizualizacja Studio A i B

Visualization of Studio A and B

© Skanska

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The gap in the market will be filled, at least in part, by a new skyscraper developed by Skanska. Designed by the Danish studio Arrow Architects in cooperation with the Polish office Grupa 5 Architekci, the tower will stand on Prosta Street next to the Norblin Factory. The building will measure 105 meters in height.

Łącznik między Studio A i B

Connector between Studio A and B

© Skanska

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Twenty-seven floors are planned for 26,600 sq. ft. Office space. Its appearance will be related to the first, already completed part of the complex located deep in the plot on the side of Lutska Street. Construction of Studio B began in 2021 and took two years. The ground floor will be decorated with distinctive „x”, which have become one of the hallmarks of the investment.

Studio B

Studio B

© Skanska

Studio A is not only offices, but also an interestingly arranged place for relaxation. On the seventh and twenty-second floors there will be green terraces available to tenants. Downstairs, we are creating an open plaza, with small architecture, rain gardens and retention basins to facilitate water collection.says Bartosz Dorsz, project manager at Skanska's office company in Central and Eastern Europe.

Wizualizacja pasażu między Studio a Fabryką Norblina

Visualization of the walkway between Studio and Norblin Factory

© Skanska

A walkway will be built between the buildings and Norblin Factory, connecting Lucka and Prosta streets. There will be space for year-round vegetation to reduce the urban heat island effect. As Ulrik Raysse, managing director and co-founder of ARROW Architects, justifies, the designers wanted to achieve a harmonious transition from a large-scale building to a more human perspective. According to the plan, the building is expected to be ready in 2025.

Kacper Kępiński

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