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Cityscape in the Second Half of the 20th Century. Agnieszka Lukaszewska exhibition

14 of September '20

This Saturday we invite you to the opening of an exhibition of works by Agnieszka Lukaszewska entitled. "Forgotten or Remembered? Landscape of the city in the second half of the 20th century", where you will be able to see drawings and objects depicting buildings characteristic of Cracow during the communist period.

The author will present a series of drawings complemented by objects, documenting and reconstructing the cityscape of the last century. The works depict Krakow buildings characteristic of the communist period, and often no longer in existence - including Nowa Huta, the Świt Cinema, the combine, schools, train stations, office buildings, and factories. In addition to well-known edifices, the drawings also feature small, common objects, kiosks, garbage garbage cans, or garages, co-creating the everyday life of the time. Buildings from other cities and their peripheries are also portrayed.

As the artist states:

In recent years, a significant part of the post-peerel buildings have been systematically rebuilt or have been demolished, the artistic activities are aimed at saving their image from oblivion and bringing back the times of their splendor. After all, the history of the city and its inhabitants is written in each of these buildings. The exhibition is retrospective in nature. It presents projects collected from recent years on abandoned or demolished buildings. New works also appear, as the subject is still open to me.


  • vernissage: September 19 this year at 17:00
  • place: ARTzona C. K. Norwid Culture Center, os. Górali 4, Cracow

The exhibition is part of the Creative Critical Mass event at ARTzona held as part of the Zajrzyj do Huty 2020 event.

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