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Forest asylum. The project of Gąska Studio architects with the first prize in the international competition

14 of September '20

Architects from Gąska Studio won 1st prize in the 2nd stage of the Tubądzin Design Award 2020 competition in the Unlimited Architecture category. The project, which was awarded by an international jury, is a vertical building surrounded by wild nature, where one can calm down and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Unlimited Architecture category of the competition organized by Tubądzin is intended for design offices, architects and freelancers. The task was to design an object, public space, interesting design or facade using Tubądzin brand tiles.

Azyl w lesie Przekrój budynku

The vertical building is located on a lake

© Gąska Studio

In the words of architects from Gąska Studio:

The idea of creating a forest "oasis" was inspired by the current situation related to the global pandemic. We all saw the advantages of having a place outside of our permanent residence, where you can take refuge and isolate yourself with your immediate family.

The authors created a self-contained unit with a bathroom, food preparation area, bedroom and work space. The functions are spread out over mezzanines, each providing views of the lake and the surrounding area. Users are free to arrange and divide their layout as needed.

budynek nocą budynek w ciągu dnia

The building is raised in relation to ground level

© Gąska Studio

vertical house on the lake

Thevolume of the building is shaped in a vertical manner, which is further emphasized by the arrangement of the facade tiles. The whole structure is significantly raised in relation to ground level, taking advantage of the natural terrain. The building's lightweight wooden structure rests on a ceiling that transfers loads to buttresses and a reinforced concrete shaft with vertical communication. Under the terrace is a covered parking space with its own electric car charging point. The architects have used colored tiles from the Ciello a Terra collection in the design, and on the facade, large-format matte tiles subtly refer to the surrounding color scheme.

Wnętrze wnętrze antresoli

blue interiors

© Gąska Studio

The interior was designed to be monochromatic, with matte blue tiles used to finish the walls and floors. All accessories were chosen to create the impression of a monochromatic cohesive space, in which textures and textures play a central role.

In the presentation of the project, the architects aimed to present the genesis of the Ciello a Terra collection, a combination of sky and earth. The blue, cool interior shade allows one to feel an atmosphere of peace and harmony with the surrounding nature. The balanced color of the facade creates a backdrop for the beautiful natural forest landscape.

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