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Here are the winners of the 3rd edition of the NIAiU Awards!

13 of October '20

We know the results of the third edition of the competition entitled "Common Space is a Value" for the best master's theses and design diplomas defended in 2019/2020. The competition organized by the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning was divided into two categories: design and theoretical.

The main goal of the competition organized by NIAiU is to motivate male and female students to take up the topic of common and public spaces and public utility in their master's theses, and to promote the best diplomas.

design category

The design category was for works in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, spatial management, design, graphic design, historic preservation and related fields involving projects on public spaces. The submitted works were evaluated by a jury composed of Dr. Bolesław Stelmach, Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, Dr. Jerzy Grochulski.

Main prize - Mateusz Mania

Mateusz Mania, a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, received the main prize for his work entitled. "Revitalization of large-panel housing estates. Completing the functional and spatial structure and shaping the local center Chomiczówka in Warsaw's Bielanydistrict," carried out under the supervision of Dr. Magdalena Staniszkis.

Nagroda główna,
Mateusz Mania

main award in the category of design work

© Mateusz Mania

As we read in the justification of the jury:

Among works addressing the problem of revitalization of large-panel housing estates, the project stands out for its multi-layered approach to the subject of functional, spatial and aesthetic disabilities of existing housing complexes realized with large-panel technologies. The work does not focus only on technical issues, but through its multilayered approach creates an offer of transformation, leading to the creation of public spaces with features that allow to satisfy the contemporary social values of functioning of large groups of users. Through proposals for communication solutions and the creation of human-friendly places, it realizes the postulate of humanization of space. The proposed solution, in accordance with the spirit of sustainable development, does not consist, as in many other cases, in demolishing the existing fabric, but with minimal interventions preserves the subjectivity of users with the prospect of maintaining it in the future. In the project, greenery plays the role of an important component and, together with the proposed new pedestrian routes, creates a "communalized" space, susceptible to the socialization of residents' lives, providing an opportunity for meetings, resulting in the building of civil society.

2 equal honorable mentions - Mateusz Niemirski, Marta Jablonska

The jury of the competition in the practice category also decided to award two equivalent honorable mentions.

Mateusz Niem irski from the Warsaw University of Technology was recognized for his work entitled. "A network of city-forming intimate parking lots as a method of recovering the urban character of streets on the example of Warsaw," done under the supervision of Prof. Slawomir Gzell.

Wyróżnienie Mateusz

honorable mention in the design category

© Mateusz Niemirski

The jury justifies the selection in the following way:

The project is an interesting proposal for a hitherto unsolved problem, seen as a parameter of technical traffic and car parking, giving it thefeature of a discourse on the problems of social human interaction. The proposed possibility of future transformation of parking lots into spaces of social integration is a good answer to the question of how to organize the necessary technical instrumentation in accordance with the idea of sustainable development [...].

Marta Jabłońska,

honorable mention in the design category

© Marta Jablonska

Marta Jabłońska from the Warsaw School of Ecology and Management received an honorable mention for her dyplpm project entitled. "Praga seam" - a design for a multifunctional temporary supplementary development in the compact urban tissue as an element integrating the community in Praga Północ. Its supervisor was Dr. Malgorzata Sikorska.

As we read in the justification of the jury, the work, respecting the rules of sustainable design, corresponds to the direction set in the professional discourse of changes in the way of practicing the profession of architecture as a participant in the global form of the search for values that protect natural resources.

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