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SARP Krakow Creative Scholarship for Julia Sierpień

Dobrawa Bies
13 of October '20

The winner of the tenth anniversary edition of the competition for Prof. Bohdan Lisowski 's SARP Kraków Branch Creative Scholarship was Julia Sierpień from the Cracow University of Technology. The scholarship is awarded each year to particularly talented architecture students from Krakow universities, based on their submitted portfolios.

The competition for Professor Bohdan Lisowski's SARP Krakow Branch Creative Scholar ship was created on the initiative and under the direction of Emilia Walczewska in 2011. It is awarded to particularly talented students of the architecture departments of Krakow universities, who have successfully completed the first degree, obtained the title of architectural engineer and are continuing their education in master's studies (second degree).

The evaluation of the portfolios submitted by the competition participants was carried out by a jury composed of Bohdan (Biś) Lisowski (president of SARP), Marek Kaszyński (president of SARP Krakow Branch), Piotr Lewicki (Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak), Krystyna Łyczakowska (board of directors of SARP Krakow Branch), Marta A. Urbanska (Faculty of Architecture, Krakow University of Technology), Maciej Zlowodzki (Faculty of Architecture, Krakow University of Technology), Andrzej Wyżykowski (Chief Architect of the City of Krakow in200-2013), Tomasz Bobrowski (Chief Architect of the City of Krakow), Bolesław Stelmach (Director of the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning), Maciej Miłobędzki (Warsaw Branch of SARP), Witold Zieliński (Vice-Chairman of the Council of MPOIA RP), Marek Bystroń (winner of the 3rd edition of the Scholarship).

Plakat konkursu
o stypendium Lisowskiego

© SARP Krakow Branch

As Bohdan (Biś) Lisowski - president of SARP - says about the competition:

"From the perspective of the 10 years of organizing the competition for the Creative Scholarship of the SARP Krakow Branch named after Professor Bohdan Lisowski - we should emphasize the "good hand" of the competition jury in the decisions made. Each of the winners, regardless of their previous experience - already after receiving the scholarship - made a significant career on their creative path. This is very gratifying and further motivates the organization of future editions. At the same time, this financial support, not being conditioned by the performance of a specific task or the need to spend for a specific purpose, leaves the winners free to dispose of the funds. As a representative of Prof. Bohdan Lisowski's closest family, I am convinced that this form of commemorating his person - through an annual event of an evidently educational nature - is the best possible, as it fits perfectly into the professional life of an excellent didactician [...].

Julia August with the scholarship named after Professor Bohdan Lisowski

The jury of this year's edition decided to award the scholarship to Julia Sierpień, a second-year student of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cracow University of Technology. Julia has been awarded the Academic Scholarship of the Rector of the Cracow University of Technology four times and is the winner of many awards in international and national architectural competitions.

Praca inżynierska Julii

excerpt from the board of her engineering thesis

© Julia Sierpień

As the jury's justification reads about the student's portfolio:

Each of the presented projects, the result of a journey into the world of architecture, is a search for an original thought, an analysis of the context of the place and the needs of the people. The winner has made every effort to create an individual character of the space as a combination of form, colors, materials and light with functionality and ergonomics. In her work, she seeks innovative and sustainable solutions, avoids banality and is not afraid of bold and even controversial ideas. Since the quality of public space testifies to the quality of the city and affects the quality of life of its residents - when designing, he tries to follow this thought and create quality forms.

sketchbook drawings

© Julia August

The winner presented in the portfolio, among others: an engineering thesis entitled. "Hybrid urban structure in Milan", conceptual design of the Administrative Center in Zielonki in the area of the fort "Marszowiec" made for the competition entitled "The Second Life of the Fort". "The Second Life of the Fort", the project for which she received the Grand Prix of the Internauts in the competition titled "The Space of Wieliczka Targi+". "Space Wieliczka Fair+Music" and numerous architectural sketches.


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