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Competition for the design of an energy-efficient kindergarten in Michalowice

13 of August '20

We would like to invite you to participate in the implementation competition for the development of a concept for an energy-efficient kindergarten along with land development in Michalowice, organized by the Warsaw Branch of the Polish Architects Association and the Piaseczno Municipality.

The purpose of the competition is to select the best concept or concepts for the development of complete design documentation along with author's supervision enabling the implementation of the investment. The announcement of the competition for the concept of a kindergarten in Michalowice is the first stage of the investment, which will result in the construction - after the completion of the kindergarten in Reguly - of the second of the planned modern and energy-efficient kindergartens.

modern kindergartens

In the northern part of the Michalowice municipality, the construction of two modern kindergarten facilities is planned for 2019: in Regula and Michalowice. Both facilities will be built as a result of projects made on the basis of concepts selected in architectural competitions. Ultimately, both kindergartens will house 14 branches - 7 in each. The programs of both kindergartens are similar, while taking into account the specifics of each location - the kindergarten in Reguly will be built on land previously used for agricultural purposes, while the kindergarten in Michalowice will replace the existing kindergarten, occupying two one-story buildings from different periods: a building in the so-called "Ciechanow" from the 1950s. "Ciechanow" from the 1950s and 3 classrooms in a building with modular technology. The competition for the kindergarten in Reguly was decided in 2019, according to the winning entry, the design has been made, and construction will begin in the coming weeks.

kindergarten in Michalowice

Works containing:

  • a detailed architectural concept of an energy-efficient kindergarten, including the accompanying elements of land development and communication services,
  • concept of solutions, including industry solutions, envisaged to be applied in order to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency of the building, and ensure neutrality of the building for the environment,
  • concept of parking and communication system, elements of small architecture, greenery and other development elements resulting from the guidelines of the regulations, as well as original design solutions proposed by the participants.

competition calendar

  • applications for admission to the competition: by September 10 this year.
  • admission to the competition: until September 25 this year.
  • submission of competition works: until December 2 this year.
  • announcement of results: December 17 this year.

More information, detailed rules and regulations and the address where applications should be submitted are available on the competition website .

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