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How will we live in the Warsaw of the future? FUTUWAWA competition

Ola Kloc
05 of March '21

Everything around us is constantly changing - the climate, society, the way we live. How are Polish cities keeping up with these changes? The emerging Study of Conditions and Directions for Spatial Development of the City of Warsaw diagnoses the challenges facing the city - one of which is, how will we live in 30 years? The question of living in Warsaw of the future has become the subject of the fifth edition of the FUTUWAWA Competition.

not just a house

How we want to live says a lot about changing lifestyles, our new needs and challenges. The availability of housing testifies to a city's organizational and spatial culture, its openness and ingenuity. It is also, and always has been, a litmus test showing the problems and opportunities of its time, and giving insight into both the living realities of entire societies and individual stories. The word "housing" can be conjugated in many different instances - it is a home, a building, a community, a shelter, a fundamental right, a product, a service, a policy, a workplace or a status marker, the event organizers write.

The next edition of the competition, organized by the Can Foundation and the City of Warsaw, is to expand the idea of living and living in the city of the future, to show how strongly it affects the quality of our life in the city.


© organizers archive

Habitation is not only a house or apartment, but also the immediate neighborhood, common spaces, meetings with neighbors, the start of the daily commute to work or school. How do we imagine these relationships and spaces in 2050? What will we share, what kind of society will we become, and finally: how should we plan the city to meet our future needs? - they add.

time to experiment

Not only professionals, but also amateurs, young people and the youngest can submit their visionary ideas for the future of the city and creative experiments to the competition (in the dedicated FUTUWAWKA category for students in grades 1-8). The answer to the question How will we live in Warsaw of the future? can be presented in the form of a concrete solution or theoretically. The interdisciplinary jury is open to various fields - from anthropology, ecology, economics to futurology, architecture and urban planning.


© organizers archive

The works will be judged by: Justyna Biernacka (architect, doctoral student at the Warsaw School of Economics, sustainability managing partner at the consulting firm Materiality), Joanna Erbel (sociologist, expert on. Housing, Laboratorium Rynku Najmu), Marlena Happach (City Architect, director of the Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning), Monika Konrad (director of the Municipal Office of Spatial Planning andDevelopment Strategies), Aleksandra Litorowicz (president of the Puszka Foundation, FUTUWAWA, School of Ideas at SWPS University), Zbigniew Macieków (architect, founder of Macieków Pracownia Projektowa and Gęsto - a think tank on the future of habitation), Michał Olszewski (deputy mayor of the m.City of Warsaw), Aleksandra Przegalińska (vice-rector for international cooperation and ethics and social responsibility at Kozminski University, AI specialist), Filip Springer (writer and photographer, School of Ecopoetics at the Institute of Reportage in Warsaw), Bogna Świątkowska (president of the Foundation for New Culture Bęc Zmiana, editor-in-chief of Notes na 6 Tygodni).

Competition proposals can be submitted until April 19 this year. From April 26 to May 17, 2021, voting by the public will take place at, and the projects deemed most interesting by the jury will be shown in an exhibition at the ZODIAK Warsaw Architecture Pavilion. The total prize pool in is PLN 15,000, and participants will also receive numerous material prizes and - in the FUTUWAWKA category - a graphic tablet.

Detailed information can be found on the FUTUWAWA competition website and on Facebook.

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