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Last chance to participate in the competition for the Stanislaw Witkiewicz Małopolska Voivodeship Award

18 of June '20

There is still time until the end of the month to submit applications for the 10th anniversary edition of the competition for the Stanisław Witkiewicz Małopolski Voivodeship Award for the best contemporary architectural realizations conducive to the protection and shaping of the cultural landscape of Małopolska.

The purpose of the award is to support valuable architectural realizations which, referring to the existing architecture and cultural landscape, co-create a harmonious public space, and can be a source of inspiration for the buildings and spatial development in their surroundings. The patron of the Award is Stanislaw Witkiewicz - an artist, endowed with extraordinary intuition, who in his architectural projects and realizations skillfully combined functionality and respect for the context of the place in which they were created.

According to Jan Sepiol, chairman of the 9th edition of the competition for the Stanislaw Witkiewicz Award of the Malopolska Region:

The landscape of Malopolska is still changing, perhaps even changing faster and faster. Every year several thousand new buildings appear in it. Some penetrate it silently, some devastate it, others create it anew. And these are the most interesting. For one can read value systems in them, follow the intellectual work and creative effort their creation required [...]. The Stanislaw Witkiewicz Award of the Malopolska Region for the best contemporary architectural realizations conducive to the protection and shaping of the cultural landscape of Malopolska - like any similar honorary distinction - is intended not only to provide satisfaction to the creators - how often underestimated - but above all to draw the attention of the public to important values that are not always noticed.

Competition entries may be submitted by architects, architectural offices and studios, associations and chambers of architects, investors, institutions and organizations carrying out tasks in the cultural and cultural landscape protection sector, as well as public administration bodies.

competition categories

Theaward isgiven once every two years to designers or teams of designers and investors of the best architectural realizations carried out on the territory of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and put into use within a period of two calendar years counting from the announcement of the competition, within three categories:

  • public utility architecture,
  • residential architecture,
  • public space.

competition jury

  • Marcin Brataniec - vice president for creative affairs of SARP Krakow Branch,
  • Marcin Charciarek - head of the Department of Elementary Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology,
  • Juraj Hermann - president of the Slovak Association of Architects,
  • Piotr Kuczia - designer, winner of the 2018 competition,
  • Piotr Lewicki - representative of the Lewicki Łatak Design Office, winner of the 2018 competition,
  • Ewa P. Porębska - editor-in-chief of Architektura-murator monthly,
  • Janusz Sepioł - head of the Regional Land Use Plan Team of the UMWM,
  • Marek Tarko - Chairman of the Council of the Małopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland,
  • Małgorzata Tomczak - editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine "Architektura & Biznes".


  • deadline for submitting entries: until June 30 this year.
  • venue: secretariat of the competition, SARP Kraków Branch
  • address: plac Szczepański 6, 31-011 Kraków

Detailed information is available on the website of the Malopolska Region and on the competition website.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations provided courtesy of the organizers.

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