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"Green" creative competitions for architects and designers

18 of June '20

A new edition of two design competitions has been launched - "Play Green" and "Green Me - Illuminate Green in the Interior" organized by the Polish Lighting Industry Association in cooperation with the organizer of the International Light Fair - SOMA Agency and Silesian studios: Goczołowie Architekci Author Studio and OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci.

Architectural competition "Play Green"

The theme of the competition "Live green! Invite green into your interior!" encourages participants to introduce greenery into their interiors. The competition task is to combine greenery with the chosen function and purpose - to design an interior in symbiosis with the greenery introduced into it and the necessary lighting.

In projects combining interior architecture with natural vegetation, lighting solutions from KANLUX should be used, i.e. a luminaire or luminaires with appropriate lighting parameters and decorative qualities. The type of luminaire used is arbitrary, but should form a coherent whole with the architectural andspatial elements of the green interior.

architektoniczny „Graj w zielone”

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competition "Green to me
- illuminate the greenery in the interior"

In the second of the competitions, the sentence is to make a lighting design that will accentuate the natural greenery in the interior. Again, this can be an interior with any function, which is set by nature.

The subject of the design can be either an entire lighting system, or a single lighting fixture that will bring out the designed green interior detail, or a selected element of the interior, such as a table, seating with green elements or a green bar.

The design should also take into account the safety of use related to the possibility of direct touch, the dangers of watering, the location of the lighting fixture(s) in areas associated with the presence of moisture and water.

until when can contest entries be submitted?

Both competitions kicked off on June 13 this year. Submissions can be sent until January 30, 2021 by email to: elezbieta.dajer@agencjasoma.pl. Only works previously unawarded, as well as unpublished in national and international media and publications, can be submitted to the competition.


There are cash prizes to be won. The works of the winners and finalists will be presented at a post-competition exhibition accompanying the International Trade Fair for Lighting Equipment LIGHT.

Detailed information can be found on the organizers' website under the competitions tab.

green inspirations

On our portal you will find a handful of inspirations concerning greenery in interiors: you will find the best decorated plant interiors in Krakow here, about how to arrange a space full of plants you will read here, and ideas for plants in the center of interiors are waiting for you here.

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