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Tree house design competition

08 of April '20

You are invited to participate in the international tree house design competition organized by the Young Architect Competitions foundation in cooperation with Dartagnans.

The tree house is one of the earliest archetypes of architecture. It is the refuge of childhood, a stronghold that adults are not allowed to enter. It is an inaccessible, safe place suspended between heaven and earth, a setting for extremely exciting adventures. Being a child, almost all of us wanted to be the owner of such a house, but most often this desire remained in the zone of unfulfilled dreams. Thanks to the competition task, this dream can be realized.


childhood dreams

When we grow up, a tree house often turns into a distant memory or an unfulfilled dream. However, among all adults, architects have an unusual privilege - they can build their childhood dreams, and that's what this contest is about. Participants are asked to recall memories, rediscover old childhood sketches and create a dream building where silence and wind live together with wild nature. Three picturesque locations in France were designated for the projects: Mothe Chandeniers, Ebaupinay and Vibrac.


  • Marco Lavit - Atelier Lavit
  • Tue Hesselberg Foged - Effekt Architects
  • Patrick Lüth - SNØHETTA
  • Espen Surnevik - Architect Espen Surnevik
  • Peter Pichler - Peter Pichler Architecture
  • Giulio Rigoni - BIG
  • Matthew Johnson - Diller Scofido + Renfro
  • Paolo Tranquillini - Starpool
  • Romain Delaume - Dartagnans
  • Angelo Luigi Marchetti - CEO MARLEGNO s.r.l.


  • deadline for submissions: until June 24 this year.
  • jury deliberations: June 29 this year.
  • announcement of results: August 3 this year.

Detailed information and an application form are available on the YAC website.

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illustrations provided courtesy of the organizers.

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