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Corian® Solid Surface - in harmony with nature

05 of January '23

A good brand today is not just about creating a good product - it also means the responsibility a company takes on. Corian® Solid Surface products are characterized not only by high quality, durability, but also by responsible choice.

What does the Corian® brand offer? The products offered by the brand are durable, hard, easy to clean, homogeneous, renewable and seamless. The wide range of products allows you to adapt them to any environment, whether you are looking for outdoor or indoor solutions, public or private, it is customized for kitchens, bathrooms, halls, conference rooms or even technical rooms.

Already, some of the colors available from the Corian® Solid Surface brand are produced using 5 to 20 percent recycled materials, certified by SCS. All products in the Corian® Solid Surface series are free of allergens, heavy metals and comply with European Union directives, including EU Directive 2002/95EC. Products in this series are considered for LEED certification - one of the most popular certifications for sustainable and low-carbon construction. The materials produced at DuPont's North American plant have Zero Wasto to Landfill (ZWL) status - allowing for shorter supply chains.

Biurko recepcyjne w kształcie litery V z Corian® Solid Surface (kolor Sand Storm)

V-shaped reception desk in Corian® Solid Surface (color Sand Storm) - highlighting the modernity of a corporate lobby

© DuPont

A brand open to the outdoors

Corian® brand products also excel in harsh weather conditions, as exemplified by their use on the "Jabba II beach hut" - a recreated beachhuton the Lincolnshire coast in England, which uses DuPont brand materials to allow for unobstructed use while on an English beach. Thanks to the renowned properties of Corian®, which is completely homogeneous, non-porous and durable, as well as UV, salt and graffiti resistant (it can be repaired if necessary), Jabba II is a future-proof installation that the public can enjoy for a long time to come.

Positively standing out in the coastal English landscape, the cottage testifies to its high quality, use of the best materials AND resilience that will last for years to come.


Corian® Solid Surface products fit not only in exterior use, as exemplified by the English Jabba II beach hut project, but also internally, as the cafeteria at Telekom's headquarters in Bonn proves. The project was created by the Keggenhoff Partner studio. Corian® brand products were combined here with wood in an interesting way. This modern, horizontal and flat design features Corian® Solid Surface. This innovative surface material has been stretched and folded to resemble sheets of canvas thanks to its thermoforming properties. The pure white of Corian® enhances this visual impression and creates a stark contrast with the tones of the surroundings.

This is a perfect example that DuPont products can be customized to fit any space, whether you dream of a modern kitchen, an upscale cafeteria or an outdoor beach hut.

For more inforemation, visit the company's Corian® page on the A&B portal.

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