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Drought - we are facing a real problem

23 of April '20

Already last year there was talk of insufficient rainfall. Fruits and vegetables were scarce, and their prices far exceeded those of previous years. We are not the only ones suffering from the lack of rain. Animals - birds, hedgehogs, squirrels and even cats and dogs are looking for watering holes. The level of the Vistula River on Warsaw's boulevards has dropped, and terrible news is coming from the Biebrza National Park. What can we do?

Drought is a problem that each of us can contribute to alleviating. Local and individual actions like installing watering holes for animals, creating backyard water banks, or financially supporting the Biebrza National Park will help. In the Civic Budget it is always worthwhile to include a project for creating as many rainwater tanks as possible - thousands of liters of water can be obtained annually thanks to them!

Home water tanks - DIY

Although spring is in full bloom outside the window, many trees have fallen leaves or even withered branches. On some shrubs do not bud, and therefore will not bear flowers . The collected rainwater will be used to water the plants in front of our houses, blocks of flats or townhouses. Backyard water tanks can be made by yourself with a relatively small outlay. One example of such a water bank is an IBC tank overgrown with ivy and wild vines or any other vessel with a large capacity. This is the time to activate the dormant layers of creativity!

The drought problem is extremely serious, it affects everyone, and each of us should work to alleviate it - across all divides. The current situation has served as a reminder that a crisis can come unexpectedly, and thus taught us that it is better to be prepared. All the more so since we can already see the announcement of a possible ecological collapse.

Przykłady przydomowych zbiorników na deszczówkę

Examples of backyard rainwater tanks - an IBC tank overgrown with wild vines and ivy

photo by Agnieszka Kastory

Vistula River level lower in the capital

The Capital City of Warsaw has registered a lowering of the water level in the Vistula near the boulevards. On Tuesday it amounted to 60 cm. According to forecasts, its level will continue to decrease. The water level is decreasing year by year. City Hall assures that for the time being there is no threat to the water supply, but will appeal to residents to limit their water consumption during the summer months.

The Polish government has announced the implementation of a special law to combat the drought. More than PLN 150 million will also be allocated for this purpose. Marek Gróbarczyk, Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways, announced that the government has budgeted PLN 400 million for 2020 to combat the effects of the drought.

To help Poland's largest national park

The fire that has overtaken Biebrza National Park has already covered more than 8,000 hectares. The smoke has reached over Warsaw! Firefighters have been battling perhaps the biggest fire in years since Thursday. How can marshes burn? It's because of the lack of precipitation and the nearly snowless winter. The fire is consuming not only the marshes, but also the flora and fauna inhabiting them. Biebrza National Park is the largest national park in Poland.

Monetary contributions to support the TSO's operations are accepted at the details indicated on the Park's website.

Online fundraising is also being organized.

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