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Building geared towards thermal self-sufficiency

16 of December '21
Technical data
Name: "Building geared to thermal self-sufficiency".
Category: Single-family house
Authors: Katarzyna Kuternak, Kornelia Piesiur
Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology

Work submitted to the Halina Skibniewskaya student competition - HEALTHY HOUSE

The house was designed to create a friendly space for a family of four. It has a compact, simple body with spaces opening to the garden. The most important spaces in the design, are common spaces, integrating the family.

 zieleń łagodnie przeplata się z architekturą i wchodzi do wnętrza

Greenery gently intertwines with the architecture and enters the interior

© Katarzyna Kuternak, Kornelia Piesiur

These include a living room connected to the kitchen and dining room, a winter garden, also serving as a larger dining room, and a terrace, obscured by a wooden structure with vines, providing shade on hot days. These are places where you can pleasantly spend most of your time, the whole family, during the day. Due to their important function, they occupy a large usable area. It should also be added that they are located on the south side, for the best exposure to light.

Rzut parteru

first floor plan of the house

© Katarzyna Kuternak, Kornelia Piesiur

The building is geared towards thermal self-sufficiency with glazed areas on the south and east sides. The walls and roof of the building have been designed to make the building as insulated as possible and to have the correct values of heat transfer coefficients U (these have been indicated on the cross sections of the building). The glazing in the building was also selected in terms of insulating factors.

w budynku również zostały dobrane pod względem czynników izolacyjnych

The glazing in the building was selected in terms of insulating factors

© Katarzyna Kuternak, Kornelia Piesiur

The house was designed to allow the installation of photovoltaic panels, as its slant faces the south side. The project is based primarily on sustainable construction. Eco-friendly materials that can be recycled again were used.

przekrój A-A

cross-section A-A

© Katarzyna Kuternak, Kornelia Piesiur

An important aspect in this project is the building's connection with nature. Through the introduction of two spaces - a terrace with a pergola and a winter garden, greenery gently intertwines with the architecture and enters the interior. The interior of the building has been designed with a division into a day zone and a night zone.

taras z pergolą

terrace with pergola

© Katarzyna Kuternak, Kornelia Piesiur

On the first floor there are such rooms as vestibule, kitchen, dining room, living room, toilet, laundry room. On the other hand, the second floor is designed with bedrooms and a bathroom. The space above the vestibule can be used as a utility room with a pull-out ladder.

 rzut poziom – 1

floor plan level - 1

© Katarzyna Kuternak, Kornelia Piesiur

Level -1 is designed with two parking spaces for cars, a storage space and a boiler room with the possibility of an installation that will heat the building, but at the same time be environmentally friendly. An entrance was designed to the garage, which can be seen on the landscaping design. This is one of many options for solving the connection between the road and the building, depending on its location. The house was designed to be as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Katarzyna Kuternak, Kornelia Piesiur

Illustrations: © Authors

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