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Ewa Tomczyk on studying for a master's degree in Milan

20 of January '20

Ewa Tomczyk talks about studying architecture at Politecnico di Milano. Listen to what classes are like at the Italian university.

Ewa Tomczyk

A graduate in engineering from the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Technology, she is currently on her master's degree at Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Her greatest experience was gained in the Slovenian office OFIS architekti and at numerous architecture workshops and courses.

scope of the podcast

Give the major and name of the foreign university you studied at and why did you choose it?

What do you see as the main educational differences between the Polish university and the one you studied at? (program, organization of studies, structure, contact with and availability of lecturers, and others)

What is the atmosphere at the university and faculty, what conditions does the university offer?

What is student life like, how much time is taken up by studying and activities at the university, and how much is for pursuing one's passions and social life?

What are the prospects after graduating from university?

From the podcast series titled: "All about education - the best universities".

compiled by Dobrawa Bies

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