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Winter "Paradis". A fairy-tale space in a festive atmosphere

04 of December '22

Ceramika Paradyż has been not only setting and creating trends in industrial design for years, but also surprising with bold designs. This time, in Flora Point in Warsaw, a place known and loved for years for its pre-Christmas atmosphere, a unique space arranged with Paradyż Ceramics tiles was created. This is the result of an unconventional collaboration between the Polish manufacturer and Marcin Tyszka - photographer, director and author of more than a thousand covers of global fashion magazines and advertising campaigns for prestigious brands.

When cities are outdoing each other in ideas for the best fairs and stores for the most interesting decorations, a special place was created in Warsaw, which encourages visitors not only by its Christmas arrangements, but also by its unique atmosphere. The creation of such a distinctive space as the winter "Paradis" in the style of a French bistro would not have been possible had it not been for the cooperation of Ceramika Paradyż with Marcin Tyszka and his Tysio Studio. The project was carried out at Flora Point, which for years has been attracting whole families, as well as fans of design and plants and home furnishing products.

Nad aranżacją pracował Marcin Tyszka

Marcin Tyszka worked on the arrangement

© Ceramika Paradyż

Two years ago I visited this place for the first time and felt like I was in paradise. Today, together with Ceramika Paradyż, we are a part of it. I would like to thank Marcin and the owners of Flora for trusting us and inviting us to this project. I thank my team for their hard work, thanks to which we bring visitors to our zone into a truly festive atmosphere. And this is just the beginning of our journey together. Ceramika Paradyż products are not only for bathrooms. They are perfect for living rooms, gardens, investment projects, facades or as kitchen countertops, of which our winter bistro is the best example - says Agata Brodzka, marketing director at Ceramika Paradyż.

Zimowy „Paradis” powstał we Flora Point w Warszawie

The winter "Paradis" was created at Flora Point in Warsaw.

© Ceramika Paradyż

Winter "Paradis" - a Christmas bistro native to France

Paris has been an inspiration for many an artist. And there is nothing surprising in this, because the French capital is an uncommon combination of extravagance, class, blending of cultures and style. That's why the city became the inspiration for this year's Christmas town - full of decorations referring to French streets. The "Paradis" bistro, which welcomes arriving guests, takes us to an atmospheric French pub, which, of course, in addition to taking care of the palate, is also an attraction for fans of good design. It is also a real paradise for those looking for a backdrop for holiday photographs. Every corner of the bistro is designed to fill photos to the brim with unconventional frames.

Do aranżacji świątecznego miasteczka wykorzystano płytki Paradyż

Paradyż tiles were used to arrange the Christmas town.

© Ceramika Paradyż

We created a fairy tale bistro "Paradis" - it's a pleasant name, because Paradyż is exactly what I associate with it. The place is like out of a fairy tale in the atmosphere of old Paris, where very many bars are just made of ceramics. I like to play with materials and color. In Poland, tiles are mainly associated with bathrooms, while it is such a graceful and versatile material," Marcin Tyszka sums up the cooperation.

Bistro stylizowane jest na francuskie kawiarnie

The bistro is styled after French cafes

© Ceramika Paradyż

Ceramic tiles - a material not only for bathroom furnishings

For the "Paradis" arrangement, ceramic tiles from theNeve Creative byMaja Ganszyniec collection were used, which delight not only in form, but also in color. The creators of the collection decided to play with both color and structure, which in this combination allow an extremely interesting play of light in the arrangement. The walls of the space at the bistro were decorated with the spectacular Monumental collection, while the bar and table tops were enhanced with the Moondust collection.

Christmas Town at Flora Point, with its winter "Paradis" zone, is a space for all those who love the holiday atmosphere or are looking for inspiration in true Parisian style! The official opening took place on December 4 this year. The organizers have made it available for everyone to visit until the end of the year.

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