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Women's Forum at CEMEX

24 of May '21

Self-presentation, communication, personal branding - these are sample topics of meetings attended by women working at CEMEX Poland. The organizer of the trainings is the Women's Forum, dynamically operating within the structures of the company. The Women's Forum at CEMEX has existed for 5 years. Currently, the community consists of 190 ladies - that's as many as 80% of all women working at CEMEX Poland.

The forum brings together people who are open to sharing their knowledge and experience, interested in professional and personal development. It is with them in mind that a special Development Program was created.

The Women's Forum plays an important role in our organization. It fosters the building of diversity and allows for better exposure of the role of women in the company. - says Iwona Wojtasik, Director of the Human and Organizational Management Division at CEMEX Poland. - The Development Program provides Forum members with additional space for professional and personal improvement. We have planned a series of meetings for the coming months, during which the participants will gain new knowledge and skills, useful both in their professional work and private life. I am convinced that such events will also provide an excellent opportunity for the exchange of experience among women working at CEMEX," adds Iwona Wojtasik.

2021: Plans for the Women's Forum

The Forum's Development Program for 2021 was created based on an analysis of the needs and expectations of women employed at CEMEX Poland. The Program takes into account the most frequently reported training topics. Topics of the planned webinars include self-presentation and interpersonal communication, persuasion and assertiveness, personal branding and taking care of one's own well-being.

The organizers have ensured that each training is interactive - surveys, quizzes and videos will make it easier for participants to assimilate the presented content. After each meeting, participants will have the opportunity for individual consultations with the trainer.

The first of the webinars on self-presentation was held online on April 28. During the webinar, participants learned the secrets of the freedom to express their thoughts, tools for effective communication, how body language affects our presentation and where to get inspiration for building self awareness.

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