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Retro or modern? In this apartment you do not have to choose

24 of May '21

Modern and with character. Maintained in subdued colors, but at the same time brimming with energy. With soul, but practical and adapted to the needs of the occupants. This is how an apartment in Lodz, where history meets the present, looks like. What secrets does it hide?

The apartment is located in one of the blocks of apartments in Lodz. Sounds boring? Nothing could be further from the truth. Its design was entrusted to the 3XEL studio, which turned the 55-meter space into a magical place where everyone feels comfortable.

Photo: Dariusz Jarząbek

Retro or future?

The space in the apartment is kept in light colors - white and gray. An accent that breaks this subdued composition are kitchen cabinets in shades of green. A modern table with chairs in a dark color also catches the eye. At the request of the owners, the designers also kept the original furniture from the communist period, which creates a homely atmosphere. Retro elements were juxtaposed with furnishings from IKEA and design pearls from well-known designers. In this way, they create a beautiful mosaic that is not only elegant, but - equally important - functional. The whole is complemented by an old parquet floor, which has only been refreshed and scraped, so it perfectly matches the communist-remembered furniture, and also provides a base for other elements of interior design.

Photo: Dariusz Jarzębek

Together or apart

From the beginning, the owners planned to arrange the space for rent. Accordingly, its layout was planned in such a way that both a family and two independent people who may want to maintain autonomy and privacy will find their way here. In the center of the apartment is a common space along with the kitchen, so everyone can have access to it. From the kitchen, on the other hand, you can go to the other two rooms, one of which has been arranged as a minimalist bedroom, and the other as a living room, the interior of which does not overwhelm with a lot of furniture. Nevertheless, in each of them thought has been given to the workspace, so that home office or remote learning will take place here in comfort.

Photo: Dariusz Jarząbek

Bathroom? Sure thing

The bathroom deserves special attention. Its walls, kept in subdued, cool colors, have been broken by the black of the cabinet under the sink. The whole creates a harmonious color palette that does not tire, but allows you to relax. The furnishings in the bathroom were chosen so as not to overwhelm the interior and create a cohesive whole.

The elegant streamlined toilet and the oval KOŁO Variform washbasin do not dominate, but bring order to the surrounding space. In addition, the washbasin has a built-in hole, which gives you the freedom to choose a washbasin faucet depending on your specific needs. The KOŁO Variform washbasin, through its shape and the fact that it is set on a countertop, is a modern element that harmonizes with the interior, while giving it character.

Photo: Dariusz Jarząbek

The shower, despite its large size, does not dominate the room. It has been entirely tiled in the color of the walls, and is finished with, among other things, a Geberit CleanLine linear drain, which is not only elegant and versatile, but also durable, as it is made of stainless steel. This ensures its long-lasting functionality and attractive appearance. In this case, the designers took care, above all, of the convenience of the users of the apartment, as the Geberit CleanLine linear drain is characterized by ease of cleaning, and its shape ensures that dirt and unpleasant odors do not accumulate in the gutter. Also eye-catching is the black trim around the shower, the color of which refers to the cabinet under the sink, creating a cohesive whole. The durability of the equipment will allow for many years of use, and the form is not overwhelming and is a timeless piece of equipment.

For more information, visit the company's GEBERIT Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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